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Joseph asks…

Is there a good/cheap spreadsheet application besides Excel available at Best Buy/Office Depot?

I’ve looked some online, but overall it doesn’t seem like I can get Microsoft Excel without buying all of office…and all I want is Excel….even the “2007 Upgrade” for it is about 100 bucks. Is there another spreadsheet application that can do equations for simple math?

Betty answers:

Open office is free and can open and save microsoft formats.

Thomas asks…

Has anyone ever been hired by completing an application online?

I live in Chicago and Ive been applying online for regular jobs in stores like walmart, office depot, rainbow, jewel, and many others but ive never been hired and i wanted to know if anyone has been hired by applying online?

Betty answers:

I did that a lot too for 4 months then one day i re apply at best buy (a lot of places delete your application in 60 days read carefully) and they called the next day and hired me on the spot

Susan asks…

How do I apply for jobs online?

I am trying to apply for jobs with applications online ut i cant find the application page. The jobs im looking to apply to are Pet-smart, Blockbuster video, and Office depot, any help with finding the online applications would be greatly appreciated.
i accidentally put ut i meant but.

Betty answers:

The easiest way to find a company job site is to google it with a search query like this: careers careers

You can also use your query to find a certain kind of job: careers “customer service”

Google is worth learning how to use, so I’d recommend checking out:

Nancy asks…

I Have a Question About a Section on an Online Application for a Job?

I am filling out an application for a job at Home Depot online. I am only applying to the part time Freight Position. There is a skills assessment part on there, and I don’t know what they’re asking. The question says please select all the work skills you possess. There are different categories with drop down menus. A couple of the categories are blinds & Wallpaper, Cashier, Electrical Light and Flooring and go through each of the different departments in Home Depot. Under each drop down menu there are these options to choose from: Interest, Novice, DIYer, Profession. I don’t have skills in any of the categories, since I have been working at a Vet’s office, so what do I select? What do each of those options mean? Why would I need to fill out all of those categories if I am only applying for a Freight Associate position? All they do is stock.

Betty answers:

They have one generic application for all positions, so you are going to have to answer alot of questions which don’t make sense for the position you are applying. Novice: some experience in that, know a little about doing it. Interest: no experience, but you’d be interested in learning about it.
DIYer…do it have eg.put down your own floor at home, or hung blinds at your house. Professional: you are a professional laying floors, etc……Be honest, or you’ll end up in the wallpaper department. GOOD LUCK!

James asks…

Will i have a chance @ office depot?

I went into the office depot store an filled our an paper application an took a test online I marked most of my answers with strongly agree an strongly disagree .so after one of the managers ask me what was I doing on monday so that I can come in .do u think he’s gonna hire me ?I’m asking that everyone who’s reading this that u pray 4 me thanks!!!

Betty answers:

Isn’t this the same question you asked yesterday….?

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