Your Questions About Food Network

Maria asks…

food network?

What is ur top 5 favorite shows on food network, if u have one? mine is
1. Unwrapped
2. Emeril live
3. Everyday Italian
4. Good eats?
5. all the cooking contest like ace off cakes, challenges for decoration and all that stuff.
wow alot of GOOD answers. i’ll just wait for some more untiil its time to choose best answers
actually DONT choose any1 as best answer. plz choose NO BEST ANSWER cuz this is just a question to ppl who watch food network

Betty answers:

1. Good Eats
2. Unwrapped
3. Sugar Rush
4. Top 5
5. Food 911

I also love all the cooking competitions. Especailly the ones that have to do with decorating cakes.
Ace of cakes is flippin awesome!!

Linda asks…

Food Network?

When the chefs, rachael ray, guys big bite, paulas cooking, etc… cook their food, what do they do with the food afterward???

Betty answers:

I don’t know about Rachael or some of Paula Deen’s shows, but on shows like Emeril Live or Paula’s Party, the food is served to the audience.


Mary asks…

Can someone please tell the Food Network to get rid of Sandra Lee?

She’s not a cook – shes a drunk with a bunch of terrible shortcuts and tricks.
I think the Food Network does not have a “Tell Us” link because they’re afraid of all the negative remarks they might get about her Semi-home made show.

Betty answers:

Lets replace her with Sara Lee!

Mark asks…

Who is the black male on food network grills?

I am looking for reference to a black male on Food Network that grills. I want to get a friend his book.

Betty answers:

There is a guy who does only grilling out in his back yard. He has, like, 3 grills and does everything imaginable. His name is Robert Rainford. His show is “License To Grill”. You can Google his name to find his web site.

Chris asks…

How did chefs on food network get their own show?

I want to become a successful chef one day & have my own show on food network.
I want to go to a good culinary school.
I want to learn how to cook better — I have the determination.
If you know please let me know, Im curious.
Im only 16 but Im thinking of becoming a chef – its an option for my future.

I love cooking — Im not the best cook but I am willing to learn.

Betty answers:

If you watch the food network there was a show that showed how food stars like Rachel Ray, got thier chance on being there. They worked their selves up by actually becoming known in the television industry…
Or try out when your a bit older for the Food Network’s Next Food Star.

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