Mary asks…

Back to School?!!? Clothes and first year freshman.?

Hi can you tell me what essentials i should have for back to school I can only spend $250 at the MAX. Also can you give me some tips for high school I’m very nervous that I won’t fit in. Also I’ve been using nutrogena wave and i was wondering if it would be ok if i use a moisturizer with it.

Betty answers:

Okay i’m going to high school next year and i have that same problem! I’m nervous as heck so i’m trying to turn my nervousness into fashion planning! So I probably can help you.


♥Jacket- You need as least one cute jacket that you feel amazing in.

♥Undershirts/Cami’s (5) Cami’s should be worn undershirts EVERYDAY. Get neural colors such as black, brown, tan, and white.

♥Knit Shirt’s (3) You want at least 3 knits shirt’s. I guess these are shirts that are basically cute and make you feel great!

♥Tees (5) Fun tees! These could be brand name Hollister tees or cute shirts that have a quote you like on it.

♥Jeans- (3) You will need one black pair to dress up your wardrobe. It could be worn causally or dressy. And two pairs of cute blue jeans!

♥Shoes (2) Get two pairs of shoes that you absolutely love. Get one’s that are comfortable and ones that go with every outfit.

♥Purse’s/Tote’s Handbags/Backpack’s(1) You need at least one bag.Make sure you love it and it’s not an out there color.

♥Necklaces- (2) Two necklaces should be just fine if you want to dress up your wardrobe.

♥Bracelets- (2) Two bracelets.

♥Earings- (1) One nice pair of earrings is really all you need.

♥Under Garments- You will need 2 nice bras and 10 pairs of nice underwear.

♥Socks-(12) If you take good care of your socks, it could be less.

These are some must have’s but remember you don’t have to buy everything new. If you already have 2 nice undershirt’s that you love there is no need to go out and buy some more.

I have the netrougena wave and i usually just you the morning burst cleanser in the morning.

Tips for high school: I haven’t been there yet but the best advice i got was to just be yourself and everything else will follow. Good Luck Next Year!

I also seen this website it helped a lot!

Thomas asks…

Came out as bi, scared about going back to school. What do I do?

Over the summer I came out as bi to my school mates via Facebook (I have basically everyone in my grade as my Facebook friend). I’m pretty sure the info about my bisexuality has gotten to a lot of people by now, and I’m scared to go to school when summer vacation ends. I’m worried that people might torment me about my orientation. What should I do? How do I cope?
I’m female, by the way.

Betty answers:

Try not to care no matter what happens. It is probable that you will be judged and criticized but you have to be strong and ”close your ears”.You should only care about your closest friends, they should be supportive. Don’t even mind the others, whatever they say. As long as your friends are on your side you won’t have to fear anyone 🙂

Lisa asks…

How can I make this dress work for a back to school outfit?

I bought this dress and I want to wear it on the first day of school but what accessories and makeup would match it? Here’s the link:

Betty answers:

If you have any silver accessories that would go great. It’s already a pretty colorful dress so you don’t really need to add any extra pops of color. Also, for shoes you could go with a navy-purple-ish wedge like the outline of the dress, since wedges are really in right now for high school girls, or if you are already comfortable with your height, you could go with nice pair of flats. I think a cute curly hair do would look great with that dress, just very loose curls that flow. And for the make-up, go pretty natural with a Rosy pink blush just like the dress and maybe a grey look for the eyeshadow, almost a smokey eye but more natural and school appropriate. Don’t try anything too crazy, just stick with whats you, also you may want to look for a black or navy cardigan to go with is since schools are normally pretty chilly.

Donna asks…

Back to school for eighth grade lunch?

So my school has a cafeteria, where they have awesome fries, pizza, sandwhiches , and I think mashed potatos.
School starts on Sept. 8 and I don’t know if I should buy my lunch, or bring my own.
My lunch bag is kinda kiddy.. and it’s kinda weird.. so I’m sorta embarressed to bring it to school..

Betty answers:

I always buy..
I mean even if you don’t like something, we can get a sub made with only what we like, pizza, salad, or a side.

Just get in line fast so you can get a good seat and everything.
Packing just seems kind of kiddish overall

Lizzie asks…

Question for homemakers who used college loans to go back to school?

After you finished your degree plan will the college loan payments be difficult to pay off? I am really worried about that since I have three children and do stay at home. By the time I finish school I will owe over 30 thousand back in school loans and I do not want to work just to stick the kids in day care just to pay back school loans. My question to you is are the loan payments you have to pay back on school loans affordable?

Betty answers:

If you plan on having a career then yes. There is no investment better then education. If your not sure if your going to go back full time it still may be worth it in case something happens to your spouse. If you can guarantee that you’ll never use it then don’t do it.

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