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Daniel asks…

Do you have any tips for when I g back to high school?

Hi everyone! I just want to know if there’s any tips out there for me when I go back to high school after being home schooled for 2 years. I’m not sure why I even got in to home school but I’m very happy I finally will be going back after long thought. I will be going on to my Jr year so I’m really excited to see the whole high school experience. Any tips are going to very helpful! Thank you so much!!!

Betty answers:

Just be yourself. Don’t be nervous; they will be expecting that.

Mandy asks…

I’m switching from homeschool to public high school. Tips and advice please?

I’ve homeschooled since 3rd grade and I am going back in the middle of 9th grade. I’m just wondering what I should expect when I get there? The town has a population less then 800 so it is a very small school. Will the work load be a lot? Is the material hard? Anyone have similar stories you’d like to share with me to calm my nerves? 🙂 Any tips on what I should expect or stories about your adventure back to high school? Thanks!

Betty answers:

First, don’t be afraid. It really isn’t as bad as the fear-mongers would have you believe and if you’re afraid, other kids can tell. It makes you a target. It’s good that you see it as an adventure. Make it a fun one. There will be nice kids and some not so nice kids. Most kids of the kids in schools aren’t a-moral, psychopathic druggies, they’re just regular kids. Of course there are some bad kids, just steer clear and don’t worry about it. Since it’s a small town, I think meeting other kids at school won’t be too hard. You’ll find there are kids you have a lot in common with and some you don’t. Join a club or do a sport and you should meet some nice kids. About the school itself, get to class on time, turn in your assignments when they’re due, don’t sass the teacher, use spell check before you turn in assignments, and you should be fine. How much work? I can’t say. Different schools are different, but you’ll be fine.

Look at the glass as half full and have fun.

Maria asks…

any high school back to school tips(for a freshman)?

iknow you get tired of these questions but i wanna be prepared

Betty answers:

These are tips that i’ve been giving freshmen lately…
– don’t be scared/nervous/worried… High school is not that big of a deal
– get a map of the school so you don’t get lost… But don’t walk around the school with it in front of your face
– don’t ask upperclassmen for help if you’re lost (ask a teacher or friend) cuz they might point you in the wrong direction
– don’t stop in the middle of the hallways
– join clubs/sports… Trust me it’s an easy way to make friends and it looks good on college applications
– don’t run to lunch
– don’t be intimidated by upperclassmen
– don’t tell your boyfriend you ‘love’ him in the same week you started dating him.
– on the first day don’t wear you hollister shirt, hollister pants, hollister flipflops, and carrying your hollister bag… You will have freshman written all over you and don’t wear too much makeup/accesories… Just wear something simple but cute 🙂 and honestly nobody gives a crap about what you wear
– it is possible to fall UP the stairs… Lol. But if this (or something like this) does happen don’t be embarrassed… Just laugh at yourself and walk away cuz its no big deal
– please don’t be an immature freshman
– make good grades (don’t screw it up freshman year cuz you WILL regret it)
– don’t come to school on the first day with your huge backpack full of colored pencils, glue sticks, tissue boxes… You don’t need all that crap you’re in high school now. All you need for the first day is paper, pencils, and a folder
– there is no pool on top of the school
– if someone offers you an elevator pass…. Don’t buy it!!!
– don’t be the annoying kid who always cracks immature jokes in class. Teachers hate that. Always be nice to the teachers cuz one day when you are a senior they will help you write college reccomendation letters and you will be glad that you behaved in their class.
– don’t decorate your locker (nobody at my school decorates them)
– don’t start talking to random uppperclassmen like they are your best friend
– don’t talk about your UPPERCLASSMEN friends cuz you can tell someone is a freshman when they say “my SENIOR friend….. Blah blah blah” it doesn’t matter what grade they are in! All of your friends are PEOPLE.
– don’t talk about how “cool” you think you are cuz your finally in high school
– upperclassmen have other things to worry about and they could care less about freshmen…. If people do pick on you they will most likely be sophomores: they think they have the right to pick on you cuz they’re not freshman anymore….. But i think if a sophomore picks on you that is pathetic cuz they are only a year older than you.
– be prepared for freshman friday!!!! Nahhh i’m just kidding it doesn’t exist…. And any rumors you hear are all FAKE! Nothing scary happens… And high school is nothing like the movies.

Good luck 🙂

class of 2010!

Joseph asks…

High School Freshman Tips and Back to School Must Haves?

I’m starting high school next month and I’m really nervous! I’m not nervous about grades though (I’m pretty secure in that department) but I am worried about the social part! Are the seniors really as mean as we hear about? Are the cliques super bad? How can I make a ton of friends? Please give me some tips on how to do well in high school and make a good group of friends! Also, What are some back to school must haves for clothing and accessories? (I don’t have the best looking legs so skinny jeans are sorta out of the question I guess) I hear you have to find your own style too! Are there any good stores you suggest? What are some great, cute ways to wear your hair? What’s a great back to school outfit? Sorry there’s so many questions! Thanks!(:

Betty answers:

🙂 i was a freshman this past year and dont worry 😀 its natural for that you will find your group there are cliques but theyre not as bad as people make them seem!! Its just who you hangout and it took me till after christmas breakk to really find a good group of friends but you will also talk to everybody in your class. You buy what is CUTE and looks good on YOU! Honestly, NOBODY cares what you wear as long as it fits and isnt UGLY!! 🙂 have fun and dont worry about anybody but you

George asks…

Cheerleading in high school tips?

I cheered in junior high, and now I’m going to high school. I don’t want to be a cheerleader freshman year…maybe sophmore or junior year.

Should I go back into gymnastics and tumbling to prepare? I’m thinking about starting this summer in gymnastics and/or tumbling, and doing that and yoga through freshman year. Will that give me a good chance of making the squad?
Do you think I will be able to be good at tumbling after doing it for 6 months to a year? Will I be good enough?

Betty answers:

YES!!! The tumbling class will definitely help u better your chances!! My coach only put me and 3 other girls on the squad cuz we could tumble lol so definitely!! They only want girls who can tumble cuz a cheerleader can always be made in other areas!! :)))

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