Your Questions About Back To School Tips 2011

Daniel asks…

How Can I Look Good For Back To School 2011?

I Am Sorta Preppy/Colorful Scene, I Want to Change My Look, Not Because i am a Follower Because i Want too. So Tips on Hair, Makeup and Clothing Would Be Greatly Appreciated! Ok, I need Clothing Websites too, Where you Can Buy Cute Mini Skirts, Graphic Tees and Like Scene Clothing,, Heels too… THXX 😀

Betty answers:

Here is the answer : follow the link.
And er…you’re still being bored?

Lisa asks…

Best fashion for back to school fall 2011?!!?

Please add your tips! After a bit of searching on youtube, i found some other people who have posted videos for back to school, . this is the best one i found please watch it and give me your opinions too!

This video gives you everything you need to know about back to school fashion!

Betty answers:

There IS a way to be fashionable and dress your own way (to the first answer). I think the boho from spring/summer style will be carried through to fall too. Like high waisted, super flare jeans and tribal prints. I’m also noticing a rocker vibe to the looks. Like blacks, leather and metal accents. Nude is going to be a big color this year, especially for Accessories. Pliad, once again, is going to be a great pattern. For shoes it will be gladiator sandals, flip flops, ankle booties and knee-high boots. I think that video kinda sums it up!

Maria asks…

Moms who went back to school after having a baby, how did you do it?

I’m thinking of going to college to become a Public Admin starting January 2011, it’s a 3 year course… And I’m SOOOOO nervous and scared, you have no idea… or maybe you do. I’m constantly thinking about how I am going to manage finances ( only DH works ), and daycare for my nearly 6 month old, my studies and everything else! How did you handle going back to school, and how did you manage? Any advice or tips appreciated 🙂

Betty answers:

Im in school full time, have an 8 1/2 month old and my hubby is the only one working. It’s is hard there is nothing else to say. I actually haven’t been doing as well as I could because we have moved so that messed me up a little but Im still going to pass my classes which is all that matters to me. I don’t have time during the day to do homework unless my mom is off and can take my son for a couple hours. Other than her watching him I have to wait till he goes to bed which is around 7is so I do homework from 8-12 pretty much every night. Again it’s very hard but can be done if you have the will power. Also the best advice I can give you is don’t try to do to much only take as many classes as you can handle. I thought before I started I would be able to take 5 classes each semester and I was deff. Mistaken!! Good luck! Also wanted to add im doing all my studies without taking him to a daycare, I either take my classes when my husband can watch him or like this semester Im all online which is harder than in the class. If you can take him to daycare so you can focus on school would be best in my opinion.

Chris asks…

Looking to travel before going back to school, some pointers and things I may need to have in order before?

Me and my friend have decided before going back to post secondary school next year at some point (probably September 2011) we would like to travel not exactly sure where yet maybe Europe or someone along those lines. I’m just wondering what are some good pointers, saving tips, credit cards, where to visit, if there are any websites as to where we could to a travel trip with a group of students .. anything really because I don’t even know where to start besides the saving money portion. I have no idea how much or anything so any answer is most likely a good answer. Were looking to travel between 1.5 – 3 months, thanks 🙂

Betty answers:

Wow, okay, tons of questions.
Best travel options; Europe (expensive), se asia (cheap and safe), australia/new zealand (better for 6months + with a work visa), central america/south america (not recommended for a first time traveller). I would recommend somewhere like thailand/vietnam. They are totally safe, beautiful, cheap, and parties are plentiful. Also, it will be a huge culture shock, which, to me, is the point of travelling.
No matter where you go, your best bet is pre paid credit card. Saves you from overspending, still has insurance, and acts as a normal card in most instances.
Saving tips – Simply dont’ spend any money. That means, no more coffee, no more eating out, if you are going to a bar, you better pre drink, no buying laptops, or stereos, or clothes (if you save enough now, you can buy awhole new wardrobe overseas!)
Costs – flights round trip to europe or asia, you can get for +/- $1500 CDN. If fly to say hong kong, bangkok, or anywhere in europe, you can get flights country to country for $200 or less, I have had some in south east asia for $40.
Don’t forget travel visas – most countries will allow you stay for 30 days or so without anything before hand (because we are canadian), but always do a quick search, border restrictions change alot, often.
Pack lightly! You can always buy things when you are there. My last trip to china, I only took a few pair of underwear, and socks. Best decision ever, I had so much room for new clothes and souvenirs!
Good websites…no. I guess lonely planet? Oh yeah, always have a lonely planet on a shoestring book with you. It will save your life.

And seriously, the more I think about it, if most of you havn’t travelled much, and you are under 30, and only have 2 or 3 months, goto thailand. Culture, food, full moon parties (look that up!), you totally safe, snorkelling, hiking, history, get your diving license! You can pop into malaysia (amazing country), or laos, goto cambodia and see angkor wat, possibilities are endless. It will change your life.

Hope I helped somewhat

Mandy asks…

How can i get back into my proper high school. Please read & HELP?

so i got in a fight march 22nd 2011 i was hit with brass knuckles FIRST . i fought back and it came out ugly and i slammed him to the ground and punched him and walked away. he was unconciouss and when he woke up he came to fight me again but i continued to walk away. he was in the hospital and i had a black eye and a few scrapes. both of us was sent to the same secondary school where nothing else happened there. i was told when i completed my time there i could go back to the high school i was attending. the pinellas county school board said that i could and then the principle made them change their mind. i really need to go back to the school i was attending (northeast high school) because my girlfriend is currently pregnant. is there anyway i can get back into my high school. we have a police report stating that he hit me with brass knuckles first. and pictures of my injuries but they seem to not care..PLEASE HELP 🙁 any tips?

Betty answers:

Well, it seems the HS administration doesn’t want you back. Not much you can do about that.

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