Mandy asks…

How do you personalize your back to school supplies?

How do you personalize your back to school supplies?
I am looking for a way to make my notebooks, laptop, folders, binders, etc. personalized. I love DIY and arts and crafts. I really want my school supplies to be original.

Betty answers:

For the clear pockets in the front and back of your binders, you could make a collage of magazine clippings, you could take strips of different color and patterned paper or stationary and make a cool striped pattern. Or you could press some flowers by putting them in between pages of books and use those in your binder pockets, just search the house and be creative with it. You could take a ribbon and glue it to a folder, or weave the ribbon through the hole punches of the folder (if you arent going to use the hole punches)

you could also use things like mint tins for paper clips, or old record albums as folders.. That would be cool, find an old record album thing at a yard sale and either just stick papers in it, or cut two of the sides open and find a way to put pockets in it, or maybe elastic so it will stay closed, but you might need to cut it down to size so it wont be bulky in your back pack.

You could also use interesting wrapping paper to cover your textbooks.. Or maybe you could find an old vintage poster, and cover a text book with that. Check out the yard sales, vintage shops if you have any around you.. I found some old super nintendo mario posters in the crawl space under my house hahah

so just do some hunting and keep things like concert or movie tickets and use those

but make sure that what ever you decide to do.. Its sturdy, and you dont have crap hanging off all your stuff, that could fall off or anything like that. You want it to last all year

good luck :]

David asks…

Where is the cheapest place to get back to school supplies?

Hey im really pinching pennies now but my sophmore year in college starts tommorow and i need to get a few school supplies I.E., binders, paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. So i live in portland, or where is a really cheap place to get some of these, and i checked with staples and that back to school for pennies deal is over,, THANKS!

Betty answers:

The best time to get school supplies is during school supply shopping season (this is when everything is discounted).

You should have looked further ahead than a day.

Charles asks…

Teahcers (or anyone):What supplies should a grade eight have for back to school?

I need to take a shopping trip for back to school supplies. What should I buy for this year? Our school never gave us a list or anything that was necessary to have. We actually don’t even have our classes yet.

Any answers are appreciated as long as there appropriate.

Betty answers:

Same here..they dont give a list at my skool either…

– pencils
-colored pencils
– highlighters (diff colors)
– diff. Color pens
– protractor
-white-out (hoo nos! Might cum in handey! Used it in g6 xD)
-pencil case?
-those teeny cute mini staplers so u dont have to rush to d teachers desk evrytime u needa use one 😛
-duo tangs or dividers..wichevr u use…
-new binder or backpak if u need one…
-compass (dos mathmatical ones o.O….maybe..)
-markers (lmao)
-lunch bag

ummm…cant think of anymore sry 😛 hehe…
Hope i helped!

Sandy asks…

What are the best back to school supplies for 8th graders?

I am in 8th grade and i want to know what school supplies are good quality, cheap, and cute. Thanx!
Also i want to know what brand and item that could work best for 8th graders.

Betty answers:

Well, are you giong to a private school or a public school???

Well you would probably need the following:

~college rule looseleaf paper
~compisition book
~rubber bands
~post it notes
~book covers
~1 1/2″ to 2″ 3 ring binder
~pens and pencils and a pencil holder or box
~pencil sharpener
~notebook(s) and folder(s)
~page markers
~book marks
~library card
~locker magnets
~paper organizer
~graphing calculatror or scientific calculator
~graphing paper
~day-by-day planner
~floppy disk or USB flash drive
~lunch money

and in case your’e assigned any presentations or any projects, here is what you will need to have on hand:
~colored pencils
~glue or gluesticks
~construction paper

~write down assignents asap!!!! So you dont forget!
~set alarm clock at least one hour before you leave for school
~keep a calander in your room of teacher work days and holidays…
~Keep some extra money in your locker so you have back up money.
~arrange you books and folders in you locker by the days and times you go to that class.
~have you bag/backpack packed and ready before morning and before you leave class
~keep around extra paper and pencils.
~do your homework 1st thing when you get home.
~try not to miss any days of school becasue its hard to catch up.

Chris asks…

Which store has the cheapest school supplies and back-to-school clothes?

My family and I are shopping for Backtoschool supplies and clothes. The clothes need to be really cheap BUT fashionable. And the school supplies need to be as cheap as possible and in GOOD BRAND.

Choices: (for school supplies and clothes)
Big Lots!
Office Depot

You can pick from the choices or feel free to suggest other stores.

Betty answers:

Honestly for school supplies you cant go wrong with Walmart. Cheap. And right now at least in my area they are having a sale on 5 star notebooks. They are pretty good for clothes too. You can try Target too. Those would probably be cheapest for supplies and clothes.

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