Mandy asks…

What would you say are the top 10 things to put on your back to school shopping list?

Just a simple survey. What would you say are the top ten items to have on your back to school shopping list? No clothing please! But it could include new gadets, school supplies, or other things teens should have while re-entering high school.

Betty answers:

-digital camera
-locker accesories(i.e mirrors)
-deoderant and spray and cologne 4 locker + comb
-phone service
That and a confident swagger and sexy smile and im ready 2 go baby!!!!

Robert asks…

What is EVERYTHING I should have on my back-to-school shopping list?

Hey Everyone :]

I was just wondering what I should have on my backtoschool shopping list. I really want a list of everything, Skin Care, Hair Stuff, Clothing, Office Supplies…. The Whole Thing 🙂 I don’t need any makeup because I don’t wear any.

Thank you <3
If it matters I'm going into grade 11. :]

Betty answers:

For clothes you should have:
5 to 7 pairs of jeans. Try to buy them in all different washes, cuts, and styles. You can get them from the same store, just be sure there is something noticeably different between each pair.
1 or 2 pairs of sweatpants. Get one pair in a soft, light heather-grey shade, and one in another color that flatters your skin tone and eye/hair color. These are great for lazy or sick days, when you’re running late, just want to be comfortable, or cold days when you’re not in the mood for jeans. BUT make sure they fit nicely. Tight around the butt, but not too tight. Get pairs with drawstrings to adjust the waist size.
2 to 3 skirts, depending on how often you wear them. But, every girl should have at least one denim skirt in their closet!
3 to 5 pairs of shorts. This depends on how often you wear shorts, or if your school allows them.
10 to 15 fitted tees. Try Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Wetseal, etc.
3 to 5 plain, solid colored layering tees. These are just those plain-colored, but still fitted and cute. They can also be accessorized as much as you like. Try to find 1 or 2 bright ones, and the rest soft and/or neutral shades.
4 or 5 hoodies are a good idea. These are the most common way to stay warm and cute in the winter time.
1 pair of good-quality tennis shoes for gym class. If you don’t have good quality shoes, you’ll get blisters and be very uncomfortable. My tennis shoes are all dirty, but they are comfortable. It’s gym and fashion is not imperative.
4 to 10 pairs of other shoes to wear outside of gym class. Try to mix it up with heels, flip flops, flats, wedges, tennis shoes (such as Converse, Nike or VANS) and boots.
1 pair of Ugg boots and 1 pair of Ugg slippers should be good in the winter. If you don’t like Uggs, find another pair of cute, furry boots that are warm and cozy; every girl needs at least one pair.
Accessorizing depends on how often you like to accessorize. So, if you rarely add anything to outfits, start! But stick with 1 or 2 pieces in each category. If you love accessorizing, embrace it, but don’t go crazy!
Necklaces are important. If no other jewelry, a girl should always have her signature necklace. That one you wear no matter if you’re shopping or playing a sport.
Bracelets. Unless if you’re wearing bangles, the rule is to only wear one bracelet total. Not one on each wrist! Try to find a charm bracelet or tennis bracelet to wear when you dress up or as a statement piece. The maximum you should go with your bracelets is 2, but on the same wrist and make sure they go together!
Earrings. If you have more than 4 pairings an ear, it looks totally tacky! Only have the 2 pairings on your lobes, and either get your second holes (also on your lobes), OR get one cartilage piercing.
For bags, this can vary a lot. You can get a big tote or a regular backpack, or both! Depending on your outfit, you may want something more casual or something more classy.

For supplies you should have:
12 #2 Pencils
2 Glue Sticks
1 White Eraser
1 Pkg. Washable Felt Markers
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Pencil Case
10 Pocket Folders
2 Pkg. Lined Paper
1 Pkg. Plain Paper
10 Blue Pens
3 Red Pens
1 Ruler
1 Pkg. Pencil Crayons
2 1″ Binders
8 Subject Dividers
1 Scientific Calculator
1 Geometry Set
1 Pocket Dictionary
1 Thesaurus
1 Pencil Sharpener
3 Highlighter Pens
1 Agenda Book/Student Planner
1 Stapler

For hair stuff you should have:
1 Large Shampoo Bottle (Garnier Fructis)
1 Conditioner (Pantene)
2 Cans of Hair Spray
1 Hair Straightener
1 Curling Iron
1 Blow Dryer
20 Bobby Pins
10 Clips
10 Hair Bands
(Depending on if you hair is naturally curly or straight you may need more or less stuff)

For skin care you should have:
Face Wash
Body Wash

Good luck! I hope this helped! 🙂

Joseph asks…

What’s a good back to school shopping list?

I’m wondering what’s a good back to school shopping list. Like t-shirts, jeans, blouses, shorts, etc. What type? What style? What colors? How many of each?

Thanks in advance for answering!

Betty answers:

Hmm maybe like:
2-4 pairs of jeans (some skinny, a ripped pair, a boot cut pair, dark wash pair etc)
Maybe a pair of black leggings or jeggings
2-4 basic colored tank tops/camisoles (like white, black, pink, navy, etc)
A few logo tees from your favorite stores
A plaid button up
2 pairs of denim shorts (dark and light), and white shorts (go with everything)
2 skirts (1 floral and 1 black “bodycon”/ pencil skirt)
A plain white v-neck tee (can dress up or down)
A brown braided belt
2 or 3 cardigans (black, white, navy etc)
Some cute tank tops or camisoles ( whatever you like- maybe floral or polka-dotted)
Short sleeved tops
A few long sleeved tops (depends on weather where you live)
2 sweatshirts (1 pull over 1 zip up)
Yoga pants and sweat pants
a few dressy tops (sequined, ruffled, etc)
some cute necklaces (long layered ones, or maybe a feather necklace)
2 dresses (like a sundress)
flip flops, flats, and sneakers (possibly a pair of UGGs)
A warm winter jacket (i.e. NorthFace) and a rain jacket

thats a good list to start with
note: idk what your personal style is- this is what my list would be; I’m just basing it off what most people have and stuff
hope i helped :]

Nancy asks…

could somebody help me with a reasonable back to school shopping list?

i just cleaned out my closet, and gave away 14 shirts and 4 pairs of pants. should i replace all of them for back to school clothes? or just some? do you have a reasonable list you could give me? thanks!!
o and im going to be a freshman (14 years old) i dont know if that matters!

Betty answers:

Some skinny jeans.
A nice long tunic to wear as a dress
a cute dress vest.
A pair of flats, small heels and nice sneakers. Like Nike 🙂
Get some regular tshirts and some dressier clothes.
That would be perfect for me!

Donald asks…

what is the tottal of my back to school shopping list including tax?


Location: Nordstrom
Price: $120.00
Brand/type: Juicy Couture Velour Pocket Pants

Location: Nordstrom Rack
Price: $50
Brand/type: Jeans

Location: Nordstrom Rack
Price: $50
Brand/type: Jeans

Location: Nordstrom Rack
Price: $50
Brand/type: Jeans

Location: Nordstrom Rack
Price: $50
Brand/type: Jeans

TOTTAL: $320.00

Location: Aeropostale
Price: $10.00
Brand/type: Tank

Location: Aeropostale
Price: $10.00
Brand/type: Tank

Location: Aeropostale
Price: $10.00
Brand/type: Tank

Location: Aeropostale
Price: $10.00
Brand/type: Tank

Location: Aeropostale
Price: $19.75
Brand/type: Solid Cable V-Neck

Location: Nordstrom/BP
Price: $24.00
Brand/type: Tildon Split Neck Tee (knit)

Location: Aeropostale
Price: $19.75
Brand/type: Ribbed Solid Henley

Location: Aeropostale
Price: $19.75
Brand/type: Cable Knit Henley

TOTTAL: $123.25

Location: Nordstrom
Price: $94.00
Brand/type: Juicy Couture Velour Track Jacket

TOTTAL: $94.00

Location: Nordstrom
Price: $119.95
Brand/type: UGG® Australia ‘Classic Short’ Boot (Women)


3 FOR $22.00
(6 FOR $44.00)

TOTTAL: $44.00

5 FOR $25.00

TOTTAL: $25.00

Betty answers:

Why dont you add it up yourself?
I think youre putting it on here to show off.

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