John asks…

Back to school shopping list? Clothes? Shoes?

Mkay so i’m probably like the millionth person that asked this, but could you make me a back to school clothes list :]
Like the name of the store and stuff
I LOVE stores like Hollister A&F etc…..
So could you make me a list that I could ACTUALLY take with me when i go shopping :]
Oh and how many of the items would definatley be helpful 😀
i’m a girl
quite small looking for my age
eigth grade 😀

Betty answers:

You should check out Suddenly Darling. It’s is a fairly new site that was featured in Seventeen Magazine and it helps you find stores near your area with cute and inexpensive clothing and shoes. Another added bonus is that if you decide to comment on styles, submit photos of yourself, submit stories about your community service, or just give your opinions, you can win prizes and earn points that you can submit at the beginning of every month for 25 dollar gift cards to stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Wet Seal, Target, etc. Here’s a link if you’re interested:

George asks…

Back to school clothes shopping list?

I’ve been seeing tons of people posting their lists online and I have to say I’m shocked.

There are times I don’t buy clothes for school and wear the same outfits from last year. When I do go shopping, it’s probably for a new sweater.

Does anyone have my problem? I feel so horrible because I always go to school in the same clothes, while my friends are complaining about only getting $500 dollars to buy what they need.
My wardrobe gets smaller and smaller because clothes get too small.

Betty answers:

I would be like you, except when my clothes get too small, everything gets small. I wouldn’t complain about $500 either. This year I got $200 for clothes and school supplies. I’m not using it all though. I’m doing pretty good though, for not having anything that fit before.

Helen asks…

What should I put on my back to school clothes shopping list?

3 pairs of skinny jeans
1 pair of shoes
2 sweaters
1 hoodie
4 shirts
This is what I’ve bought so far.
P.S. I have very little clothes. I’ve lost 20 pounds since last year and I stopped growing at 10 so there’s nothing for me to “grow out of”. (Every woman in my family has around that age)

Betty answers:

Wedge/Heels for dressing up.
Another hoodie.
Zip up jacket.
Long sleeved shirt.
Some chunky colorful jewelry.
Flare Jeans.

Maria asks…

back to school clothes shopping list?

hi there! ok so… im going shopping for school clothes and my style is very kim kardashian like and i like dresses and cardigans and heels

do you guys have lists of what you want to buy?? if so what is it? whats good to buy?

Betty answers:

Buy some super cute floral or patterned tops (preferably without sleeves) and add a solid cardigan with some jeans or short shorts. Dresses and cardigans with flats look really cute but if you want a Kardashian look experiment with heels, and maybe some makeup if you`re up for it 🙂

Robert asks…

What does your back to school clothes shopping list look like?

I don’t want to be stuck buying random things I’ll never wear so I’m curious what you guys think the essentials are?

Betty answers:

Essentials are definitely-
Plain fitted shirts of all colors. I bought a few looser ones and a few extreamly tight ones.
Cardigans of different colors and styles.
I definitely had fun going through forever21’s jewelry. You really can’t have too much.(; And, it’s a great place to get a ton of cute new clothes! So, Forever21 jewelry.(:
Boots and flats. I personally love toms. It’s nice to have and array of shoes and colors to match everything.
I also picked up a few pairs of jeans from Abercrombie. I’ve always been a fan of their jeans.
And remember to check out new stores you come across. They may end up being amazingg! It shouldn’t matter where your clothes came from, and if your afraid someone will ask you where you got it, it was a gift from someone.(; Hahahah!!

Good luck!!

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