Your Questions About Back To School Sales

Robert asks…

How much cheaper are graphing calculators during back to school sales?

I’m currently looking at the Texas Instrument TI-83 graphing calculator at Grand and Toys for $109.99. Does anyone know how much it would be, approximately, during the backtoschool sales? Would it just be better if I buy it from eBay?

Or just in general, how much cheaper are school supplies in backtoschool sales?

Betty answers:

I got my graphing calculator (a TI-84 silver edition) on ebay for $75 brand new about a year ago, so I think its way better to just get your calculator online, because back to school sales won’t make the price lower than $95 probably.

Michael asks…

When are the best back to school sales for computers occurring?

When are the best back to school sales for computers occurring?

Betty answers:

RIGHT NOW! School is already back in session for a lot of people. Check out the sponsor ad from my source

Thomas asks…

When does back to school clothes sales usally start?

Im going to 7th grade and I live around Garden Grove and Westminster in California. and i usally shop at the stores hollister,pacsun,forever21,wetseal and that type of stuff do you no when the clothes starts to be put up as back to school sales becuz i dont want to go to late and have them run out of the nice clothes.

Betty answers:

August and it should end around late August/early September

Maria asks…

Should I have a shopping spree now or wait for back to school sales?

I am going to a HUGE mall on Thursday and I think I will get like $40. Should I ask for more for a shopping spree (I have been wearing the same clothes for the past 6 months AND I have no summer clothes) or wait til July or August (for the back to school sales)?

Oh and I will be tagging along with my aunt so my parents won’t go to the mall with me so I have to ask now.

Betty answers:

Use the money for your summer clothes, since EVERYONE is having huge summer clearance sales. (Retail stores typically begin getting fall clothing mid-july) For example, Aeropostale is giving 70% off of sale shorts, so I got some yesterday for ten dollars; and Gap has several promos currently, as does Old Navy. Wait until the back to school sales to ask for more money, since you’ll be wearing those clothes longer.

Sandy asks…

Are laptops considerably cheaper during back to school sales?

I found some laptops on sale that were a reasonably good price, but would they be even cheaper during the back to school sales?

Betty answers:

+I think they will (personal opinion). With the condition of the economy right now, these companies are trying to move as much of their inventory as possible and get the public to start spending money again. I really believe you will find some good deals out there.

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