Lisa asks…

when is the target back to school sale 2010 going on?

i always shop at target to buy my school suplies but have just lost track of when target is doing these sales. i just need to know when the sale ends. thanks.

Betty answers:

Right now, so go there as soon as you get off of the golf course!

Sharon asks…

Does anybody know when Targets Back-To-School sale start?

i need an official date please.

Betty answers:

They must have started because I just saw an ad that said:

Target: Back-to-School Deals for the week of July 11-18, 2010

Donald asks…

what time during summer does target have the huge back to school sale?

Betty answers:

Usually about 1-2 weeks before the start of school

Sandy asks…

!Coupons! !Target back to school!?

Target back to school sale is next Sunday at least in my area which is san bruno….
i always find video when some lady buys a whole cart-ful of supplies and she pays like 3 bucks
and i NEVER EVER EVER FIND ANYTHING NO COUPONS that i can print or snip

Betty answers:

Look below |
search google for free coupons

Joseph asks…

When does target start to have school supplies?

I CANNOT wait for back to school! 🙂 Except for the school part….. but there are parts during school that I like 🙂 LOL, ok, so lets get to the point! I want to start school supply shopping soon, but I was wondering when does target start to have back to school sales? Because I don’t want to go there and find out that they dont have school supply sales yet since my parents work 7 days a week. So I have to know when the school supply sale start so my parents can take some time off work to go school supply shopping with me!

Betty answers:

They Already Have There School Supplies Out!
Back To School Supply Sale-Last Weekend Before School(Usually)
Clothes-Idk Sorry

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