Helen asks…

Is Staples stores on back to school sale??

Is the stores on sale for back to school??

Betty answers:

Im not sure but rite aid is and it ends on the 30th

Michael asks…

does the staples back to school savings pass include on sale items?

its a new thing and it doesnt say if the card applies to stuff on sale.

Betty answers:

It looks like it does apply to sale items. It lists the “excluded” items: phone cards, stamps, online printing orders. And it explains which groups are excluded. But it does not mention sale items.

Laura asks…

Staples has a back-to-school sale every year right ?

Betty answers:

Yes, it has. Staples offers huge number of school supplies on sale for students every year. The sale always started on first week on August and ended on the last week of August. For example, I am already bought some things such as folders, notebooks, and others on sale at my local Staples store last week.

Linda asks…

When Is The “official” back to school sale start

American eagle
Pac Sun
Office Max
and all other school supplies stores

Betty answers:

Meaning TAX FREE?
Well In TX is August 15-17

Chris asks…

why is staples already having back to school sales?

Betty answers:

Prolly cuz a lot of kids who go back to school in early august never get to take advantage of the school sales. My cousin lives in atlanta and she goes back on august 7. So if they didnt start the sales now, those kids wouldnt be able to buy their school supplies cheap like kids who go back in september, like me

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