Joseph asks…

i am switching schools please help!?

i am switching from online school to public school starting tomorrow. i went to this school before but i got held back and went to online school my parents are making me switch back to public school because they want me to have an actual promotion. i am in the 8th grade most of the kids at the public school are rude(i went to school with them before and i don’t like them) please if you have any tips share them with me!

Betty answers:

K… JUST CALM DOWN TAKE A DEEP BREATH… Its going to be fine
ok i don’t know if your a guy or a girl but im assuming your a girl if your a guy i very much apologize but this statement can go both ways for a guy and girl. Ok im a girl, 14, and in 8th grade as well not too long ago i also switched schools 2. I wasn’t on online school i was in public school for both schools so idk if thats what your looking for but anyways. I didnt know about the school i was going to so i didnt know anyone there but your going to a school your used to and you know. Once you go back to that school show the people you left how much you’ve change since the last time you’ve seen them. Show them that your confident, that your not stuck up, that you can hang out with anyone and not feel awkward just like them. When you get back to this school everyone will probably still look at you like your the new girl or new guy and that’s ok it’s actually quite fun being the new kid if you have a cool personality and additude with everyone you see and meet. And you say you dont like anyone at the school… Well no offense but that’s how life is sweetie your going to meet alot of people your not going to like but you have to face it and keep it moving. Well that’s all i have to say for now if you like my answer just give me another question and i’ll help you through it 🙂 Have fun !!
(LOL i sound like a freaking sychatrist hehehe)

Mary asks…

Unwanted calls from 1-602-308-2700 a.k.a. SMC Promotions, What can I do.?

I’ve been getting calls from these people before and they’ll call me 5 times a day while I was at school. I read many online forms that said to call them back and select to remove me from their calling list, they said it would take up to 2 days. It’s been 3 weeks since i got a call from them and they just called now. I’m on the do not call list, what can I do?

Betty answers:

Tell them that they need to remove your name from their list. Tell them you have already requested this. Get the name of the person on the phone. Tell them its against the law to keep calling after someone requests a remove. You can also report them. You can also file a complaint here:

Robert asks…

What do you think am I over reacting?

I am 35 and married. We have a 2 years old son. I am trying to go back to school, but my wife does not want to help me. She feels because I have been to 3 different colleges, and I purchased a on-line training course. She is afraid of wasting the money. A little back history in 1993 I went to ITT. I didn’t fail any of my courses I passed them with high B’s and low A’s, but I got in the wrong crowd. I started skipping classes.and was dropped for attendance issues. I was single and I started working more hours on the job getting more money. I talked to her about this. I told her that I wished I had stayed and finished but that was not until years later. The next college I tried was Remington 12 years later. I am now married. I finished the first course (not missing any days), and I am passing all my courses again A’s and B’s. Remington came back after all the financial paper work was completed, and said that we owed them 4000.00 more dollars. This pissed me, and my wife off so I quit. My wife asked that I try community college so a couple of months later I went to St Pete in Florida. I start off with studying the Linux administration program. I pass the first class, and 2 days before the second set of classes started. They cancel the program. I try again with St Pete this time with a VB.Net programming and Java. Java is the only course I fail, but it is not because I didn’t try. I talked with the teacher and tried tutoring. I just couldn’t get it. So that’s the colleges. I had purchased a online training course behind my wife’s back. There was some issue with the marriage, and I was scare with the thought of being a single father with a 4 month old baby. I studied at work, and I was doing well. I could not study at home i was taking care of the baby. I got a promotion at work about a month later so I no longer had the time to study at work. she found out about the course and begged me to flunk it. if I failed a test twice they would refund my money. She her self has been to at least 4 or 5 different college in her life time. She now has a AA degree and is going for the Masters. She has been with me thru all this. Remington on up. I feel I should not have to defend my action when trying to go back to school. I make to much money for grants and not enough to support my family, and go to school. so I have to get loans so I need her signature

Betty answers:

Your not overreacting. Your wife should support you in bettering yourself. If you want to further your education you have every right to. If however you do not complete this course, it would be unreasonable to expect her to help finance another one.

Mark asks…

What what’s the easies way to learn trading and shipment terms and process?ld you like to ask?

how can I learn trading and importing terms and rules?
hello cleopatra is back to working life that’s awsome !!!
i work now in shipping company here in Algeria it’s an internationla company
and i don’t have a good enough experience in this domain but that hired me thanks to my communication competencies
anyway it’s not a difficult domain but i want to advance and learn quickly to save my position and get chance to promotion
any tips u know anyone here who works in the same domain can help me i’ll be grateful
any website or online school anything helpful
plz i’m waiting ur friendly advice

Betty answers:

Heeeeeeeey cleo, happy to see u here, and happy for ur new work, pls email me with ur email and i will send u many documents abt shipping,

also here is some links may help:

Wish u all the best cleo,

Sandy asks…

I want to commit suicide lengthy story?

Now I am 19 turning 20 years old this year in August, bear with me this is important, all throughout high school and primary school I was bullied, I was called a %^&*() geek and *****, kicked my chair, threw stuff at me, used to look at me funny, always bullied me, left me out of sport groups or important things were we were needed to work together, this is the same with Primary and High School, I was a nice girl who was quiet and reasonable good looking who loved anime and those tomboyish thing’s growing up in the 90’s, because I was born in 1990, while I was coping that school I had my mother neglecting me by having drunken parties with her friends and leaving me to play with my sister on the gamecube while they got drunk when I was younger even though she stopped that now, I used to go over my dad’s every second weekend too, which my mum and dad broke up when I was 6, and he remarried a Yugoslavian women who used to hate me and my sister and always bash the shit out of my father, who didn’t really show his love in a supportive way either just buy me things and usually focus on the two other kids he had with Lenka (that’s her name), Jacob and Natasha which Jacob is 9 and Natasha is 8, they both see them arguing and fighting but the thing is she does it with the intention of purposely ruining every weekend and spoil my weekends with him, now going back onto that I had to cope it from all sides without the support from friends, pretty much I begin to go into myself self doubt myself, everything was a negative cycle, I had no support, I started Air Force Cadets to get to a high rank of Warrant Officer only the promotion courses I had to go on, all of them I had to support my own because noone liked me, I left High School in 2008 with a HSC and a not very good UAI to be an apprentice chef at a small cafe for 9 months where I got abused by the manager by his sexually inappropriate jokes and used to rub my shoulders all the time, and point his finger at me intimidate me to the point I was so terrified, he never gave me any days off for cadet activities on the weekends, he scared me “your just a scared little girl who’s afraid of everything”, where back in high school and primary I resorted to going online to make friends to get abused on there and people threatening to kill me and find me, come to my house, cyber bullying I guess, so I met this girl last year when I was working a lesbian who I went out with for three months to spent half the day to get there and stay a day then go to work the next day for an amount of time, she….never took her clothes off for me, I felt like she was going to hurt me because other lesbians online warned me she would, but they also abandoned me after they knew about my depression, she dumped me through a text message of the phone, in September last year I went into a state and overdosed on panadol 46 tablets stayed in ED for a day and then a Psychiatric Emergency Care Unit, where I went back to work to have my manager abuse me “saying I should of committed suicide properly and he wouldn’t care if I was dead”, so I overdosed more severely 68 tablets and 11 lexapro which wound me into Emergency for 6 days and then discharge where I left that was the last time I worked there when the Police and Ambulance took me away, where….I just wasn’t right after that, I overdosed on aspirin all these tablets heaps and heaps where I spent around 5 weeks 2 weeks before christmas and three after in a psch unit a proper long term stay one in hospital, where that fucked me up a bit and after leaving there I only recently this year overdosed on 48 panadol which I just really wanted to die, so they treated me like shit in emergency and in the PECC unit, I still attend my TAFE as part of my apprenticeship but since November I haven’t had a job…., and ….I just don’t really have support unless you count the friends I meet in the mental health wards, so……my mother and father just don’t understand anymore, mother just said if I ever go back there again I will let you stink there until I come and get you when you get discharged, dad said if you ever overdose I will grab you by the scruff of the neck and hurl you in the mental hospital myself, and my whole family on both sides are not supportive at all…so I just….am beginning to snap, I have plans to kill myself.

2011 I either stab myself or hang myself, and this time there is no turning back, maybe even sooner if my stupid mother’s behaviour keeps going I might just run away and never come back.

Betty answers:

It really sounds like you’ve had a rough trot.. And I sympathise. Nothing I can say or do can fix what happened in your past, and for that I am sorry. I really wish I could because that really sucks that this happened. I think it would be easier if we had a chat, if you’d like. But no pressure. If you’d like to, IM me, I’m happy to have a chat, and see what I can do for you. (:

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