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Ken asks…

IPad + Mac mini or MacBook pro!? HELP – CONFUSED?

My laptop is currently on its last legs so I need to buy a new one so I’m thinking of buying a mac as they normally last longer than a PC & I’m finding windows just too slow these days. However i’m confused as to what I should buy with my money as apple doesn’t really help out.

I currently own a 32gb ipod touch, and i’m going to America soon so I was thinking of buying an iPad 2 16gb & sell my ipod touch and buy an ipod classic with the money – however is there a way to connect an ipod with an ipad because if not i’ll get a 32gb ipad and just a standard nano for music on the go.

Then in a few months time I was thinking of buying a basic mac mini as I don’t see the point in having a laptop & an ipad. So the ipad 2, mac mini & ipod classic is the first option.

However i’m debating on buying just a macbook pro instead of a ipad & mac mini, but in all honesty I hardly use my laptop outside the house so I cant see why I should buy another laptop where the desktop is cheaper, and whenever I do need internet outside my house I have my ipod or my phone. But I was thinking of buying a macbook pro in the “back to schoolapple promotion and getting the ipod touch, and selling both my ipod touches to get a iTouch 64gb 5th generation. This option would be cheaper but I don’t want to buy a new MacBook soon if there’s going to be a refresh within the end of the year

As I only use my laptop for light gaming, internet, downloading music/films and word processing (just basics) what combination should I buy?

1. Ipad 2 (wifi only as I can use my phone as a hotspot, 16gb/32gb)
Mac Mini
Sell my touch
Buy a Nano or Classic (depending on whether can connect the classic and ipad together to basically stream films off)

2. Buy basic macbook pro in “back to school
Sell both the ipod touches
Buy 5th gen 64gb iTouch

(Btw money thing isn’t really an issue as i’ll buy in stages not in one go & i have money saved)


Betty answers:

Overall, the MacBook Pro offers more RAM and hard drive (storage) space than the iPad 2.
For myself my interest and uses of computers has changed over the years and years ago I did not consider..whatsoever…buying a laptop and yet, today, here I am on a laptop responding to your question. My point is, we simply don’t know what we may want or need in the future Also your post is more slanted towards mobility (iPod Touch, iPad). My personal preference has consistently been more memory is one the best ways to I’d recommend the MacBook Pro.

About your considerations are based upon Apple’s doing the back to school promotion which at this point none of us at the moment know for certain if that promotion is happening this year or not.

Regarding purchase of the MacBook Pro. Apple announced months ago a new operating system, Lion, was coming out this summer so I’d say wait for Lion to come out and bugs to be worked out than get the MacBook Pro. By the time Lion is released and the first couple of updates are done, I’m confidant a new MacBook Pro will be out. And if you want to wait longer Apple consistently has released new hardware(computers) pre December holidays.

Paul asks…

Will Apple have the free iPod with the purchase of a Mac deal this summer?

I read this ( ) and it confused me.
It says “The “Buy a Mac for college, and get a free iPod touch” promotion is no longer available.”
But IDK if that means they won’t have it at all or they will have it later on, as if it were a message to last year buyers.
Does anyone have any additional information on this?

Betty answers:

I remember reading something about this on

Lisa asks…

Will Apple restart the promotion ‘Free Ipod touch for students’ with a mac purchase?

i am buying a new mac for college and i know there is the education discount going on year round but i was wondering if they are going to restart the free ipod for mac purchase for students this summer. it says there it is no longer available but i dont know how long tho

Betty answers:

Last year, Apple’s Back to School promotion started at May 27. You could expect it to start at about the same time this year (sometime in the week of the 23rd this year 2010).

Ruth asks…

Anyone who works for an APPLE STORE? I need help!?

Is Apple still offering the “Buy a Mac for college, and get a free ipod touch?” b/c according to this site, it doesnt :

or are they TEMPORARILY not offering it b/c it is not “back to school” season? or will they NEVER have that promotion again?

Betty answers:

No, they are not offering it

Charles asks…

Mac Book (Questions for new apple buyer)?

Okay, so I want to get a 13 in Mac Book Pro, well I saw the Mac Book Air (on the website) and the Mac Book. Here are some questions
1. Is the Mac Book Air sturdy ex. I have a younger brother and if he gets a hold of it I heard it would break.
2. Does the Mac Book Pro have a camera built in? And is it good w/ video chat?
Look here please;
3. My mom is enrolling to college again. Since she would buy it would the promotion work for us?
Thank you in adv.
Who ever answers all 3 questions seriously and appropriately will be chosen Best Answer (which comes w/ 10 points)
My dad wiill only let us get the apple computers since he doesn’t like the other ones
Yes she is going into college but she got a scholar ship and she needs a computer the computer I am using is my fathers and he takes it to work so it would be mine and hers.

Betty answers:

Sturdier then ever unless he throws it at the concrete all the time.
Most new macs have Isight camera built in, macbook pro surely does.

Yea just put in your student info when asked upon purchase or you have to type in your student info if ordered online.

Mac Air has no DVD/CDROM you need to buy an external for $100 just a heads up.

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