Joseph asks…

Which of these tops would you wear for the first day of school?

I’m going to be a sophomore and school starts on the 25th. Which of these tops should I wear for back to school?

Which one should I wear, and for the one that I should wear, what kind of bottoms should I wear and how should I accessorize it? Thank you! 🙂
Thanks to everyone who answers! And I will eventually wear all these shirts so any opinions would be helpful! 🙂

Betty answers:

I like the first and the third.
First one with leggings. Preferably a dark color.
A big simple bangle will look cute, topped with a simple necklace. Flats will look cute.

Third one, dark colored jeans. Again, bracelets and rings will make it work. You could wear ankle boots or Authentic Vans.

Nancy asks…

HELP!?! Back to school outfit?

OK, soooo I know school is a month away and a half away (in Canada), but I’m an organized person and I like to be ready. So, I have an idea for an outfit, but I need ideas on how to do my hair, what accesories I should wear, and what bag I should use. So, here it is..

Shorts are from JACOB (sorry the link isn’t working) They’re white, pretty short, high rise


Shoes: OK, this link isn’t working either :S Sorry people.. Well, they’re red deck shoes.. You can look them up on Google Images or whatever

OK, so that’s all I have, I need more ideas! Accesories, hair, bag! And if you don’t like this outfit at all, give me your ideas! Thanks in advance!
I’m 13 (Grade 8)
Petite (5’2″ 90lbs)
Brown hair, greenish blue eyes, tan skin

Betty answers:

Heeey Lexi;)

This outfit will look gorgeous on you. The shirt is awesome!
I would suggest to look at the bags on American Eagle. There would be some cute ones there.
As for your hair, you should get a cute layered hairstyle and then straighten it with a cute headband that goes with it. I think the headband should be red maybe with a bow at the side of it, and i think you should get some silver bracelets and a long, cute silver necklace!

Hope i helpeddd , xox

Answerr Mine :

Jenny asks…

Back to school outfit? Which one?

Okay, I’ve narrowed down 3 outfits for the first day tomorrow:

Outfit 1:
A pinkish/purple Roxy cardigan (don’t have a picture but it matches part of the shirt)
Shirt –
Jeans –
And a white pair of sneakers

Outfit 2:
(the shirt would be like, half tucked in)
And a pair of flats

Outfit 3:
A yellow O’neill t-shirt. It has red and purple flowers with little sayings inbetween. No picture, sorry. D:
Shorts: (in purple)
and a pair of brown flip flops

I have accesories in mind, I’m just not going to go looking online for all of them.
So which one do you like best? What changes would you make?

Betty answers:

I LOVE the first outfit. That owl is so cute <3 Definitely wear that one, the other ones don't even compete.

John asks…

grade 8 back to school outfit .?

i need a back to school outfit . i am going into grade 8 and am 13 .
i am 5’6 ish and about 125lbs .
i like american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, garage and stuff like that .
can you please give a direct link for a shirt or tank/cami , jeans or shorts , shoes and a hoddie or something . and accesories.
i also dont really like buying online so can you make sure the store is in canada.

i was thinking something like this ( but plaese give me other ideas too )
shorts ;

shirt ; in soft ocean ( the lighter blue)

shoes ;

necklace ;

thanks alot .<3 🙂
my school isnt very strict with a dress code, we have the finger tip rule but no one follws it . ( and they dont really care) , and the top has to be two fingers wide on the shoulder. ( but again they dont really care)

Betty answers:

Thats really cool! Try skinny jeans and a nice tank top from American Eagle and a cardigan from Abercrombie! You can get some nice flats at Forever 21 and accesories too!

Skinny Jeans:

Tank Top:




Daniel asks…

What is the best tea tree essential oils product and exfoliant?

Again I don’t have horrible acne but pimples keep coming back in small portions what is the best product I can find in stores in Canada (I don’t have a credit card so I can’t buy online). Please if you know anything help I have only two-three weeks till back to school! Is clinque a good line or body shop tea tree eo?

Betty answers:

The tea tree oil i use is called “Herbal Authority: Tea tree oil skin wash” It is very neat. I use it everyday for the past week and my skin is clearing up! So try it, im sure it will work for you 🙂

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