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George asks…

Can you Make me a weeks worth of back to school outfits on polyvore for the 7th Grade?

Ok on Polyvore can you go and try to make me a week worth of outfits Im african American its my first year of middle school Im like a Girly Tomboy and I want a cute fun sassy style please do this
Excuse me Hanisha but i am not doing it because i am lazy I just dont know what to wear show some kindness gosh

Betty answers:

Look up the store justice it is a tween and teen store for girls about ur age my girlfriends and i shop there im in 6th grade dis is my first year too

Mary asks…

Back To School Outfits? helpp 🙂 (polyvore)?

Out of these 4 outfits which do you like best? I’m going into grade ten and I’m a girl. Any accessories/ideas to make this outfit better? and what hairstyle/makeup should I do? your help is greatly appreciated! 🙂 oh and my hair is long (past shoulders) and chocolate brown and I have blue eyes

Betty answers:

The bottom right! It would be even cuter with brown sandals! (: and I think you should wear it strait down with your bangs (if you have bangs) like this:

Joseph asks…

Can somebody make me a back to school outfit on polyvore?

So im going to 8th grade and im 13. I usually shop at Abercrombie,hollister, aeropostale, forever 21, stuff like that. Not trying to be needy but i need some back to school outfits on polyvore. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes if that helps. Thankss

Betty answers:


Linda asks…

Making Back-To-School Outfits On Polyvore, Who Wants One?

Making backtoschool outfits on Polyvore.
I’ll take up to 5 people.

These are some outfits I’ve already made:………………

If you want me to make one for you, fill this out:

Name (or Nickname):
Age (or Grade):
Climate (if it’s hot or cold where you live):
Dress Code (if you can’t have shorts that are too short, etc.):
Requests (if you want skinny jeans, etc.):
Fave Stores:

I’ll post the links in the details section, so be sure to check back!

Still working on the others! 🙂

Hope you like it! 🙂

@Yayis: No problemm 🙂

Sorry it took a while 😛
I didn’t check my account till about half an hour ago 😛

Betty answers:

casual, beachy, girly
70 degrees
no dress code
pink, green, blue, yellow, black, white
forever 21, H&M, urban outfitters


Sharon asks…

Making Back-To-School Outfits on Polyvore, Want One?

First 5 People only! Sorry…
I’m making some backtoschool outfits on Polyvore for whoever wants one. I’m new to Polyvore, so don’t expect anything fancy like makeup and everything. I’ll just have the outfit there.

Let’s Get Started! Here is some basic information that I ask you you put in your answer:

*Name or Nickname
*Age (how mature to make it)
*Dress Code (such as if you have a certain length that your shorts/skirts must be for school etc.)
*Stores you like
*Colors you like
*Colors you don’t like
*Shoes you like
*Any additional info

I’ll repost the links for your outfits on Polyvore after I make each of them. It may take some time depending on you’re requests.

Tell me if you like your outfit after I’ve made it for you, thanks!
Megan’s Outfit
Here is Amanda’s Outfit

Remember to give me our feedback! Tell me if you like the outfits or not!
Charity’s Outfit
Casey’s Outfit
Meghan’s Outfit

I’ll finish everyone else’s outfits, but it may only be up tomorrow.
Jenny’s Outfit
Erin’s Outfit
Sorry, this is Jenny’s Outfit. Ignore the outfit I had in your name before.
Lexi’s Outfit

Everyone, please please please tell me if you like your outfit or not! Thanks!
Oops, this is actually Lexi’s outfit. Ignore the one before it.
Lara’s Outfit
Lexi’s Outfit
Meg’s Outfit. I made 2 for you since you’re having a b-day party!
Leslie’s Outfit
Verity’s Outfit. sorry it’s small, idk what happened. I couldn’t find any stores you liked, so I picked out a few.
Erica’s Outfit
Chrissy’s Outfit

All done! I hope you guys love your outfits and please tell if you do in your answer! Thanks.
Sally’s Outfit

Betty answers:

Im Leslie. Im 19. Going to College. No dress code. Xoxo

I love polyvore, thanks for doing this!! Xoxo

I love the whole NYC boho chick look. <3


TONS of Layers
Plaid shirts
Leather Jackets
Oversized totes
Aviator sunglasses
Dark Skinny Jeans
Vintage Leather Boots
Tops with laced backs
Colorful Headphones
Rose Rings
Long Necklaces <33
Smokey makeup
Black Nail Polish

Bootcut Jeans
White or Light colored Jeans
Sneakers (like running shoes)
Denim Jackets
UGG Boots (unless they are chocolate UGGS)




Thrift/Vintage stores
Urban Outfitters
Mac Cosmetics <3
Juicy Couture (perfume, and leather jackets <3)
Steve Madden (boots are amazing)
Forever21!!!! <3


Generic stores:

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