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Linda asks…

cute back to school outfits for teen girls?

i need help picking out some cute outfits for back to school.
im starting grade 9.
i shop mostly at hollister, abercrombie & fitch, american eagle, forever 21, and garage (canadian store).

i like ripped/destroyed jeans but the “classy” kinds, not the kinds that make me look like i just got gang beat by muggers. i like jeans similar to:
but they DONT HAVE to be ripped.

** I dont like polos, just saying.

outfits should be perferably made at
k, thanks! 🙂
10pts for best answer.

Betty answers:


George asks…

Back-to-school girl outfits?

I’m in need of some pretty outfits for school. Can you list different types of teen-appropriate outfits and the places to buy them?

Betty answers:

Well, it’d be more helpful if I knew your style and what weather conditions we’re working with here. But that’s okay. If you live somewhere with California-like weather and go for beachy/comfortable/tribal stuff, I’m your girl! Today just so happened to be my first day of junior year in high school, so I got a first-hand look at what a lot of my peers were wearing.

Mmkay. Well, I’m completely obsessed with Tilly’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, and PacSun. That’s pretty much my whole wardrobe right there. Totally recommend them.

Today, I wore this tank top ( in teal) with a pair of olive-colored shorts, a few leathery bracelets, and black flip flops. Received a few compliments, not to brag or anything. D:

Here’s what I saw around my school campus:
1. Flowy and layered tank tops, shorts, and sandals. Basically different variations of what I wore.
2. Bubbly mini skirts with t-shirts tucked in and sandals or ankle boots.
3. Sundresses with either sandals or ankle boots.
4. Jeans or shorts with off-the-shoulder tees.
5. Cardigans with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, with any of these ensembles.
Tribal and floral prints were EVERYWHERE. Especially among the skirts, dresses, and flowy tanks.

Here are some visuals, cuz I’m an overachiever like that. If you like one, use it as inspiration and see if you can find similar pieces at stores near you.

If all else fails, check out this article and see if it has any good advice:

God. I went a little link-happy there. Too carried away. My bad.

Side note: a friend of mine was telling me that the first two or three days of school, she doesn’t dress particularly special while everyone else does. Then later in the week, when everyone already used up their cute outfits and begin looking more drab, she starts busting out her awesome outfits and her clothes get more noticed. Just FYI.

David asks…

Outfit ideas needed for back to school outfits for a 6th grade girl. ?

Mom needs to buy them as 11 yo is away at camp until day before school starts. Like Aero or AE … but wears a 12 slim cut in kids … so not sure if these brands fit. No access to Abercrombie kids in time.
Ideas? Outfits?
Thanks a bunch!

Betty answers:

Get at least 5 dress code shirts in colors like yellow, pink, green, white, blue, red, black, brown, purple, etc. Also get at least five jeans, capris, shorts, skirts, etc.
Hope I Helped!!!

Paul asks…

Back to school outfits for pre teen girl PLEASE read?

Well i posted A question earlier sayin what are some cute outfits for pre teens. i was wondering if you could PlEASE answer it!

Betty answers:

Dude, seriously? It’s school. Wear jeans & a tshirt, or a sweater. No one cares what you wear. Dudes don’t like you for your clothes. They like you for your boobs.

Betty asks…

Back-to-school outfits?

Can anyone recommend me cute backtoschool outfits for teen girls and where to buy them? Thanks.

Betty answers:

1. Flowery skirt (abercrombie) with a plain colored tank top on top and a long necklace and then you
can wear gladiator sandals (dsw has really nice shoes) and then u can put ur hair up in a messy bun!!!(:
2. Short shorts with a patterned scoop neck shirt and a loose belt around the shirt and flip flops and u can have ur hair half up and half down(:
3. Ripped skinny jeans with a vneck shirt or cami and a half cardigan over it. For shoes you can have sandals with a flower on the top or sequined/glittery flats. Depends what your wearing. And for ur hair u can have a poof!

flowery skirts- from abercrombie. They can be from around $30-$50 depending whats on clearance and whats not
tank tops- you can get a few from american eagle thats like $15
cardigans- pretty much from anywhere at a low price depending the quality
sandals/boots/converse/hiphop shoes- all at DSW:D
vneck/scoop neck shirts
necklaces/bangles/earrings ect- forever 21 has really good stuff and icing for $5-30 depending the thing ur getting
berets- forever 21 and icing have them for like $5-10 and theyre good quality!
Sun dresses- macys and charlotte russe!
Sweatpants- pink have really cute ones
skinny jeans/jeggings/leggings- pretty much u can find them anywhere at a good enough price
short shorts- again u can find them anywhere

wet seal
american eagle
forever 21
charlotte russe
pac sun
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