Your Questions About Back To School Items

Sharon asks…

Do your local stores already have their back to school items out?

I was at the store yesterday and they were setting up the school supplies…how depressing 🙁

BQ: If you have kids in school, what grade will they be in this year?

Betty answers:

I know, the poor kids who walk into Target and see backpacks, school supplies, etc. For sale already.

George asks…

Back to school items for an upcoming freshman?

k, Im gonna be a freshman next year(girl),
and I wanted to know if there are any necessary back
to school items I should purchase?(besides new clothes, cause
I already know that)

Betty answers:

First, get a roomy, comfy backpack that’s cute and holds a lot.

You’ll also need a binder. I’d say get one big binder because it’s easiest…try a 2.5 or 3 inch. You can also do a binder for morning classes and a binder for afternoon classes, or a folder/little binder for each class.

In the binder, put a pencil pouch with: pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes. Also, make sure you have 8 dividers and a ton of loose leaf paper.

Make sure you have a calculator if you need one for math. Do you have all your summer homework, printed out in the correct format? Do you have a ruler, protractor, and/or compass if necessary?

In your backpack, have your student ID from last year (if needed), your cell and iPod (if you want to bring your iPod…it’s optional), five dollars in emergency money, and your lunch (money).

Don’t bring gym clothes or locker stuff the first day because you might not get your locker on the first day, but be aware you will need those things.

Good luck! (:

William asks…

Which place is the best for back to school items?

Does best buy sell back to school things? Like pencils, markers, pencil cases..ect..?

Which place is the best place to get that stuff?

Betty answers:

Big Lots, Target, Walmart or K mart

Donna asks…

Back to school items for first year university?

I’m on my way to university september! But I need to know a list of items that I should consider buying for university? I tried planning my back to school list but i’m not so sure what to put down considering it’s not for high school…Help?!

Betty answers:

This book on college survival (see link below). Read it. Use it!

PS: Also you may want to look at a small program called StyleEase to help with writing papers (assuming you are using a PC and MS Word). But wait until you have found out what format your professors want (MLA, APA, etc). It won’t do the research for you but it helps with the drudgery of formatting citations.

Steven asks…

What is a good theme for my items for back to school?

What themes are good for backpacks,folders/binders,notebooks and all that other stuff?And where should I shop for back to school clothes that are cute?

Betty answers:

Ok 4 suplise like a vintagey theam black and white orbright neon and one color for each class like algebra if u need a folder binder and spiral noter book get then all on color. Back to school shorts and a cute tee or orpants idk wat kind u like and a shirt w/ ruffles like this one×230/Forever21-striped-ruffle-shirt_D7981546.jpg maybe not the bow but then w/ a neutral shirt bright accsesories convers shoes or vans

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