George asks…

Back-2-School Shopping Question?

I have about 450 dollars from babysitting for back to school shopping. (Freshmen) I’m aiming for 500 dollars. School starts for me August 24th

How many items of these:
Jeans (Skinny, Flare, Boyfriend, Skirts, Shorts.)(Already have boot cut)

Shirts (Polos, Graphic, Tank/Camis, Plaid Button Down Shirts, Plain White T’s, V-necks, Hoodies, Jackets, Cardigans, Sweaters)

Shoes (Vans, Converse, Flats, Flip Flops)

Accessories (Scarfs, Neckalaces, Bracelets, etc.) (Don’t wear earrings, my ears not pierced)

can I buy if i shop at these stores:

Ross (Favorite)
Forever 21
Old Navy
Thrift Stores
Charlotte Russe

BTW, I’m not looking for ALL items that I listed but just the simple basics that I can wear for fall and winter…. then later on, I could buy the other minor things

Thanks a lot!

Betty answers:

dark wash skinny jeans(Forever 21)
basic denim shorts
basic cotton shorts in a neutral colour (both from American Eagle)

basic t-shirts, v-necks & tanks in bright colours(Forever 21)
long cardigan in neutral colour(H & M)

flats that go with everything(Aldo, Nine West)

simple necklaces & bracelets for everyday(H & M)
statement necklaces & headbands-you should invest in these since they can completely transform an outfit(Anthropologie)
a quality leather bag in a neutral colour & a classic style

Sharon asks…

back to school shopping?

Ok so I am going to the mall of america for back to school shopping but there will be nine days of school before I get to go to the mall of america. I need nine days worth of clothes that I can buy in stores at places like Macy’s, Walmart, American Eagle, Younkers, Sears, Hollister, TJ Maxx, Old navy, gap, rue21 and Aeropostale. Any stores like that.

So I am asking for you to make me nine outfits using those stores. The items all need to be items that are in stores now.

oh my style is preppy vintage. I dont like to wear short shorts or really short skirts. My favorite colors are green and navy blue
I dont want to spend more that $200 no repeating outfits but items can repeat. I have lots of flip-flops so if the shoe is a flip-flop just dont count the price into the total. If you answer and post a link to one of your questions I will answer it too!
like i said peices can be shared (like jeans, tank tops, accesories)

if not under $200 than as close too as you can get.

Betty answers:

Spoiled. Just go the 9 days without new clothes… Then just go to mall of America.. Who cares?

Helen asks…

Back to school shopping help!?

I need help!

Some events happened this summer that kinda messed things up for me. I have not been able to go back to school shopping yet and school starts in a week. My mom is going to take me big shopping in a few weeks but until then i need to pick up some basics at sears and walmart. I know its not an ideal situation but I need some cute things for the first few weeks of school. My budget is like $60 ( I want to save up of my big shopping trip in a few weeks). I have some items from last year that are still use able but i need (at least) 1 pair of jeans a tunic and some tops ( i am not that into graphic tees some are okay). Please help me i want to look cute for school but with all the events that went on i don’t think I can

Please and thank you I appreciate the help

Betty answers:

Ok from sears and walmart-
cardigan 1-2
plain t’s 2-4
plain long sleeved t’s 2-4
(so you can layer them, their usually on sale)

big shopping-
cute tops
2-3 dressy tops
jeans (skinny,darkwash,bootcut,boyfriend)
gladiator sandals
unique pieces you like

you dont wanna blend in. Oh and im trying to avoid hollister and abercrombie cuz thats what most people are wearing these days.
rue 21
charolette russe (sp?)
old navy
pac sun
delias closet
wet seal

stuff like that..
Get some pieces you can mix and match with and get some unique ones

oh and converse or vans or some cute flats, small heels.

forever 21

Lisa asks…

How many back to school clothes could I get for this amount of money?

I am going school shopping on tax free weekend, and I have a question. How many back to school clothes could I get for 60-90 dollars? I would need some jeans, shirts, underwear, socks, and accessories. That is all I would need. I have enough shoes. And I have enough bras. So, how much of each item could I get for that amount? I will be shopping at pretty cheap stores such as: Walmart, Target, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Rue 21, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, Gordmans, Belk, and Old Navy. And the clearance rack is my best friend. 🙂 And links of the items I could afford would be great!! Thank you! 🙂
No, our states tax free weekend is coming up soon.
Haha, that’s okay Jess. 🙂

Betty answers:

Rue 21 is an amazing place to shop for clothes. They always have like the coolest things ever on sale. Being a girl, for around 60-90 dollars you could probably get:

Two Jeans
Four Shirts
and Bracelets/necklaces

For 65 this weekend I got

5 shirts
2 pairs of jean shorts and
A Hoodie.

(65 that was all spent at Rue 21.) I spent more at other places, but that was my total bill there and not too bad if you ask me.

P.s. I’m a 17 year old dude lol.

Michael asks…

I checked online at Walmart and Miley Cyrus’ clothing line everything is almost out of stock?

just a couple items arent are they going to get more in stock? Because her clothing line just came out a week and half ago. I’m super mad because theres so many things I wanted from her clothing line for back to school and I went to my nearest walmart and everything is gone in my size. =[

Betty answers:

Well of course theyll have more of them all- why would they not have them if theyre that popular?? That wouldnt be a very smart move on their behalf!

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