Your Questions About Back To School Items List

Helen asks…

What items are you questioning on your child’s back to school list?

tp? an obscene amount of anything? etc?

My daughter’s only in preschool, but i’m balking at having to make play dough from scratch

Betty answers:

Why every kid needs to bring in a full box of tissues. Fifty bucks into the list I decided to skip right over things like tissues and clorox clean ups. I’m all about being a team player but not at this price.

I might be more inclined to pitch in on that stuff if they didn’t cost me twice as much as they needed to because the kids have to get certain kinds of items. Why does he have to have a binder adaptable 3-hole punch? Why can’t he have one of those cheap hand-held ones? And don’t tell me they don’t realize that it’s more expensive to get x-amount of certain color notebooks and pocket folders, instead of a pack of 4 assorted colors. They can’t just write “Math” on the outside of the notebook? Is it less of a math notebook if it’s green instead of red?

Ken asks…

Is this back to school shopping list good? please help!?

well here it is:
List for back to school items
1.Cell phone enV3
2.4-5 pairs of jeans
3.7-10 t-shirts
4.1 cropped sweater
5.3 shorts
6.2 sneakers (low top converse Gym shoes)
7.2 pairs of flip flops
8.2 -3 sweatshirts
9.2-3 tank tops

And now this is wear im stuck. help please? what should i add?? thanks to everyone who helps
oh and im going to 7th grade

Betty answers:

I think you’re good.

Mandy asks…

Back to school supply list… After shopping for what seemed to be an endless list of essential items, I was?

just wondering, WHO makes up this list ? Why does my 2nd grader need 1 pink pearl eraser…why not 2 ? Why 4 gluesticks, instead of three? I’m sure that I’m not the only parent that shares my opinion. BTW, my mom is a retired teacher. I don’t ever remember her, giving her students a $ 30-$ 60 shopping list. 🙂

Betty answers:

I think it’s just an estimate of the average amount of the supplies a student will use over the course of a school year. I think it’s a bit much and I would say some schools/school districts can be rather heavy handed about it. I recall a ban on trapper keepers when I was in school, loose leaf notebook paper only, college ruled, not wide ruled. No spiral notebooks, #2 pencils only (as if the other kinds of pencils are even that easy to find), blue or black pens only, glue, not paste. They do seem a bit shrill if you ask me.

Donald asks…

Can someone please list all the stationery items i will need for back to school?

I’m going into year 9 and would like to know everything I will need.
PS ’emostylegirl’ love the awnser :L

Betty answers:

I’m going into year 9 as well and asked a similar question, for stationary, i guess it would be stuff like this:

Black or blue pens
Coloured pencils
Geometry set (compass, protractor, that triangle thing-magig)
Calculator (best to have a scientific one)
A folder for your homework
you probably don’t need books coz the school normally provides them.

Is it just stationary you want or other stuff like to put in your school bag? =D I’m bored right now so I’ll tell you other stuff as well that I put on my list ready for September!

Pads (if uve started or you know you soon will)
spare socks (knowing the weather these days.. Especially where I live lol)
Some tissues and u might want some gum or mints or somethin like that =)

Sharon asks…

What does your Back 2 School clothing list look like?

I just wanted to know what clothes you’re going to buy this year for Back 2 School!
Plz make a list like this with the # of items you will get:
graphic tees- #
babydoll shirts-
v necks shirts-


Betty answers:

Graphic tees: 2 or 3. Normally I’d get one that has a design on it or something, one that has a word/cute saying on it and one that is a band or something I like.
Babydoll shirts: maybe 1, they’re not really my style.
V neck shirts: 4 probably one in all my favorite colors. They go with everything so its good to have a few of them.
Jeans: 3 pairs. One dark wash, one medium. And one light.
Capris: none.
Shorts: 1, If I wear them to school i’d just wear the ones I had from summer becuase theres only like a month of summer left whe nschool starts.
Skirts: 2 or 3. Some solids and some with a floral print or something.
Dresses: 2 one solid one print.
Scarves: 3 one print and two solids in my favorite colors.
Hats: none. You can’t even wear them in school

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