Your Questions About Back To School Items For Kids

Maria asks…

Looking for high school seniors who can suggest impt. back to school item for new kids?

Can be any item. The goal is how to look cool.
It’s for a retail trends unscientific survey. It’s not an existential question. (BTW, impt. means important)

Betty answers:

Haha… I just came out of high school and… I dunno… Wear whatever… I mean…
Hahaha… There was this guy … When i was in last year of HS… He came to first grade… And the very first day… He was wearing a tie and a lot of “snob” things… Hahaha… Everyone laughed @ him

Charles asks…

What type of items are your kids required to purchase for school?

My children are expected to bring 1-3 boxes of Kleenex. Then depending on the kid several of following items: dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, headphones and/or liquid hand soap. I know that school budgets are tight but so is my budget at home. These items add up quickly – we have four children.

In addition to these janitoral items that we are expected to supply, the two middle school age children are required to have a seperate, new pair of shoes for gym class. Yes, I mean in addition to the new shoes that they bought with their back to school apparel.

All of this expense seems excessive to me. Is this typical of all school districts or do I have reason to be upset by this?
It is public school. I think if the janitoral list was a request instead a demand, I would be okay with sending some supplies. I just think it is crazy that I have sent almost $40 in janitoral supplies to school in the last two days and my kindergartener hasn’t even gone yet! Of course that is in addition to the shoe thing. We did by inexpensive shoes but even $20 or $30 multiplied times for four is a lot. I’m just really aggravated with the whole thing.

Betty answers:

I wish I lived in some of the places in the other answers! For Pre K last yr my son had to have (among other things) 2 pkgs safety pins (he used about 7 the whole year) EXPO markers (yes, big emphasis on expo) 2 bxs of baby wipes, 1 box gallon bags, (girls had to bring 1 box quart bags) 6 glue sticks, and 1 bttl shaving cream. (girls brought zip lock bags)

This yr for Kindergarten–(again, among other crap) 1 box 8 jumbo crayons, 1 box 16 regular crayons, 2 md size elmers glue, 10 lg glue sticks (are they sticking each other to the wall?) watercolors, 1 box quart zipper bags, 1 box gallon zipper bags, 2 boxes of 10 ct CLASSIC CRAYOLA (must, must, must) markers, 2 pkgs baby wipes, 1 bttl hand sanitizer (which Micah can only use sparingly, bc he has excema, and the alcohol drys his skin dreadfully) 1 pkg EXPO ONLY THIN TIP markers, and a backpack, plus we had to BUY a 5.00 book bag at the school. (fits one book, for their library days…wtf?) And of course some damn paper towels. Last yr he only needed 1 box of Kleenex, this year he needs 3. Most kids in Kindergarten just wipe their nose on their sleeves.

I would understand if SOME of these supplies were needed for the kids in the state programs such as Headstart, (Pre K for lower income families) but hell, they’re not required to buy ANYTHING. And there’s no such program after PreK. So what the fu*k are all these supplies being used for? OK, OK, maybe some of these outrageous demands are for the kids in his class that can’t afford ALL their supplies–but there are lots of school drives around our area where they give out FREE supplies. And with 20 kids in a class, even if only half bring all the things on the list, we’re still looking at 100 damn glue sticks. Give me a break.

Some friends in different states said that Micah’s list sounded about like their kids’ lists. So I guess it’s normal in a lot of places. (I live in TX, btw) But I still think it’s over the top and ridiculous. Plus, who knows how much money I’m going to be sending to school for the various events (field trips) and book fairs and parties this year?

I think that they should let you have back the supplies you bought that your child didn’t use at the end of the year.

Helen asks…

What is the last question the kid asks during the new Back to School Kmart commercial?

During the recent Kmart commercial about Back to School items, the setting is a grade school classroom. The students are taking a test. A blonde haired White boy whispers to the Black girl to his left, asking if he can borrow a pencil, then a piece of paper, then a protractor…then the commercial advertises Back to School items….Then the same kid asks the White boy to his right if he can borrow a _______ and the kid answers no. End of commercial.
What does he ask for? It sound like “Can I borrow your tractor or your trapper?” but I don’t think that’s what he’s asking because you don’t need those items during a test.

Betty answers:

He asks the kid next to him if he can borrow his jacket. It isn’t really test related, but clothes are a back to school item too.

Mark asks…

What should I give a sahm to help whose 5 kids are heading back to school – aka a “back2school” basket?

I don’t want this to get expensive. Just a basket full of little items to help her survive this “I live in a minivan stage.” Stuff to help with a very busy life and encourage her is what I have in mind. Thanks for the great advice!
**NOTE : This basket is NOT for the kids, but for the mom. I would like to give her personal items that will help her survive a busy school schedule and the “I live in my minivan” craziness. Thanks!

Betty answers:

Make sure I understand this correctly…do you want the basket to be for in the car? Or just basket of little items?

If it is to be kept in the car I would suggest filling it with, a word search book (to fill while she is waiting in the car for her kids) coffee gift card (for that boost of energy while she is out & about) you could burn a music onto a CD for her to listen to while she drives around. A book on tape (or CD) would be nice. A snack mix , some nice hand lotion, anti bacteria gel, gum or tic tacs, sunglasses, pretty packet of travel Kleenex, pretty pen and note cards (again she could write thank you notes while she is waiting). What a nice thing to do, I hope you get lots of good ideas! Best of luck!

Donald asks…

What clothing items should i get for back to school?

and how many of them. also, i dont know what my style is. i shop at abercrombie kids, and hollister but never buy tee shirts from them, and i want tees from pacsun like fox or something but then i feel like a poser. should i buy them anyways?

Betty answers:

Don’t worry about what others think.

You should buy at least 5 pairs of jeans. Have them be different shades of blue and a pair of black too. Like light wash and dark wash.

Buy tanks and stuff from Pac Sun, I’d say buy 10 of them. You don’t have to buy everything all at one store or at the same time.

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