Carol asks…

No-cost welcome back gifts for teachers?

The PTO of my kids’ school would like to give each staff member a little “welcome back” inspirational gift. The problem is, we have NO budget for this and the gifts need to be given on Monday (5 days from now!). They will be at a staff meeting and there will be lots of food and desserts, so I don’t want to give them food.

I’d like to give them something with an inspirational quote attached. Someone suggested giving each teacher a rock, and painting a quote on it that says something like “most people will see this as a stumbling block, but teachers see this as a stepping stone.” I like the general idea; the rocks can be found for free, but it would be hard to find 77 rocks of the right size, I’d have to lug 77 rocks to school on Monday, and then, the teachers would probably just throw the rock out.

Can anyone think of a similar idea for a free, simple, meaningful welcome back gift for the staff of our school?

Betty answers:

I teach–I loved the year I got a “helping hand”. Hand Cut outs from construction paper were made and each teacher was given 2 hrs. Of volunteer time from either a PTO member or high school volunteer (the helping hand) whenever the teacher wanted to collect the favor. Lots of help can be usedputting up and taking down bulletin boards, record keeping, getting craft supplies organized for a special classroom project etc, decorating for a classroom celebration, etc. Maybe this idea will help you too.

Donald asks…

When did we start giving gifts to teachers?

I have a daughter in Reception year. This morning I was asked by another mother if I would be buying the class teacher a gift for Christmas. Now, it’s been 27 years since I left school and back then no-one ever gave a christmas gift to a teacher.
Is this really expected?

Betty answers:

For Christmas! Of course not! It has never been expected or done, really, unless she’s done a tremendous amount for your child/ she’s a friend of the family. You’ll only have known her for three months, anyway!
I bought presents for my headteacher in primary school when I was leaving and a student teacher in year 6 because she was really nice and had been with us all year. My parents got presents for my kindergarten teacher because she was the best teacher ever.
I doubt I’ll even get a leaving present for my form tutor when I leave school after my GCSEs. I mean, she’s nice and everything, but she’s only ever been a form tutor, nothing else.

George asks…

Meeting up with my old English teacher back from School? Should I bring a gift and if so what?

I will be meeting up with him as I contacted him for help with my poetry and other various projects I am working on as I believe he is a published poet and author himself and I arrogantly didn’t pay much attention in his classes at school – Thanks to him however, I managed to scrape a pass grade in my final exams.

Would it be appropriate to bring a small gift when I meet with him for his help? Such as a bottle of wine, chocolates, or the such? If appropriate, what would you recommend as a gift? He is in his early 70’s (I think).

Thank you in advance for answering – Take care all!

Betty answers:

Bring him something fine, whether fine wine, or a basket of delicacies, or fresh exotic fruits, or even some pure spring water in a crystal bottle. Or a hand carved object made of fine wood.

At 70, the only thing better would be a professional masseuse, and that’s just too intimate! LOL

Lizzie asks…

Proper etiquette for giving gifts to a teacher? (bribes?)?

I went out and bought $20 Starbucks giftcards to give to some of my teachers for Christmas, but I left them at home the last day before winter vacation.
I was planning to give them to my teachers when we come back to school.
I am applying to governors school, which requires two teacher recommendations.
My problem is that I don’t know how to give my teachers presents and then ask them for recommendations without making the gift look like a bribe…

The apps are due in about two weeks…

Betty answers:

Maybe you could ask the teacher for the recommendation and then give them the gift after almost like a thank you for writing it. Good luck

Sandra asks…

My last day of school is tommorow.Is this a good gift for my *absolute favorite* teacher?

I got him gifts throughout the school year for holidays because he is the kindest,laid-back teacher in our school.I got him this medium sized glass and filled it with mixed hard candies (tootsie rolls & different flavored jolly ranchers) and even got a $10 gift card to dunkin’ donuts’. Is this a good gift?
oh yeah,and i got him a thank-you card.
your mama-
i do not like him in that way. if you knew our teachers–you like him too. i never got him gifts all year round, i got him gifts for holiday breaks.

Betty answers:

As a teacher i would be very happy with a gift like that. A lot of the time kids bring in junk that ends up cluttering up your desk. Gift cards are a good way to go.

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