Your Questions About Back To School Bags For Boys

Sharon asks…

My son had his ipod stolen at school. He has since got it back but now the kid is threatening my son?

My son is 14 and had his ipod touch stolen out of his bag at school. He reported it to the teacher. A couple of days later when my son was off school sick, some boys had an ipod in the classroom, other kids knew it wasn’t theirs so they spoike to the teacher. Apparently those kids all had a different story about who it belonged to. Anyway the school rang me for the serial number and yes it was my son’s ipod. it was returned to him and the three boys got suspended for 2 days. Now the ring leader is back at school and yelled at my son today saying “arc up’ which i think means look out or get ready for a fight. I am worried that he is going to bully my son now. Should I tell the year coordinator if this kid says more stuff? My husband is so angry (though he knows he can’t) he wants to confront the kids parents. what should be do?
forgot to mention the ipod which was only 6 weeks old has now got scratches on the back, the earphones re missing and the case got flushed don the toilet. The school is trying to get the parents to pay for a new ipod.

Betty answers:

Okay well me being a 14 year old guy I can tell you what your son PROBABLY doesn’t want you to do:
1. Don’t talk to the other kids parents that will just make them hate your son more.
2. He would probably prefer you not to get involved at all but it sounds like you need to.

So I personally think you should tell your sons teacher or principal in private whats happening and that you don’t want it to be known you got involved.
***By the way don’t tell your son what your doing

George asks…

back to school shopping help plz?

(my school colors are blue and gold.. but we use yellow instead of gold) I need help getting ready for school by finding cute stuff for the new year such as…cloths, shoes, jackets, hoodies, perfume, acceseries(neclaces bracletes headbands rings belts scarfs glasess hats… for hat days at school) bags, school bag, night cloths slippers stuffed animals(for comfy days at school)………. advice for middle school(7th grade) will help too also teen boy advice… locker partner advice and P.E advice
_THANKS if you anser bcus youve been an awsome help i always try my best to do and awsome with my grades and my look and my friends and bfs every year and it helps when you know people help so again THANKS!!_

Betty answers:

Check out

Take a look.. Many t-shirts, bags, and other accessories

Charles asks…

Sheamus or Jack Swagger? plus E.W.A Back 2 School part 2?

Who has more potential?? I say Sheamus but I hope Swagger won’t get buried.

9.) Backstage promo:(At Risky’s lockerroom hallway)
Thawweman: Risky! Open up, man ( knocks on door with several security guards behind him.)
(Risky opens his door)
Thawweman: What’s this?
(Thawweman raises a ziplock bag with needles and a bottle.)
Thawweman: EWA doesn’t like steriods I’m afraid I’m going to have suspend you and revoke your title.
Risky: How did you find those?
Thawweman: Trash can, never underestimate a security camera. Now please give me the title.
Risky: Fine,here.
(Risky closes his door while Thawweman walks out.)
10.) EWA World Championship
Notorious Xtreme vs. Amazing Adam
With Risky out of the picture things cooled down. Adam did not look intimidated. he controlled the whole match. Adam used dirty tactics to wear down Notorious. Adam throws Notorious into the corner then gets ready for the tornado ddt. But then Notorious throws Adam off. Then Notorious had enough and was ready for a super kick. Adam then side stepped Notorious and locked on a master lock! Notorious struggled to escape. Then Notorious ran to the turnbuckle and jumped off of the top rope and did a bulldog while in the master lock. Notorious went for the pin. 1……….2………NO! Notorious backed up into the corner and was waiting for the spear. Then as Notorious ran Adam jumped over him and rolled him up in a school boy. Adam pulls Notorious’s pants to get an advantage. 1…………2……………3!
Adam cheats to win the victory. Adam gets p quickly and then hits The Amazing Move.
Winner: Amazing Adam new EWA World Champ. in 11:23
11.) promo:
Amazing Adam grabs the mic.
AA: I’m the NEW EWA Champ!
(crowd chants…A-hole)
AA: That’s right….I’m the A-Hole. Call me what ever you want….. you are going to have to get used to me. EWA WORLD CHAMP!
(Crowd boos)
AA: Nobody can beat me. I’m gonna say it again, and again until you understand it. Nobody can beat me. I hope you can get that fact through you fat @s* heads.
(Crowd chants Icon)
AA: I get it, you all want to see Icon defeat me at halloween havoc. All Icon does is come out here runs his filthy mouth, “I’m the best…I’m the Icon. The iconic era will began.” blah blah blah. But you hate me. You know why? because I’m better than everyone of you people. I’m here to make money and wear a belt around my waist. I don’t care about fans. You all mean money to me. You… money. and you money. You fat guy, you bought two seats double the cash. So thank you, I appreciate your money. You came to see me because I’m special, you see I’m the platinum standard. Thank you.(Drops mic)
12.)Last man Standing Match
MA Beast vs. Shazam McAmazing
While Shazam was coming down Beast grabbed a steel chair. Shazam was empty handed. Shazam lured Beast towards the corner then Beast swinged the chair but it missed. Shazam punched Beast in the corner. Shazam walked back and clotheslined Beast, beast walked out of the corner then Shazam bounced off the ropes and hit a chop at Beast’s knee from behind. Beast got back up and Shazam hit a quick suplex. Shazam picked up beast and irsh whips Beast into the corner.Shazam walked back then ran towards Beast but beast kicked Shazam. Beast takes Shazam’s leg and then puts it on the lower rope then stands on top of it. Beast then pulls on the leg. Beast grabs Shazam’s leg and pulls off the knee pad and stomps the knee several times. The ref counts but Shazam gets up at 5. Beast viscously attacks Shazam. Shazam slowly gets up but Beast chops at the knee of Shazam. Shazam rolls out of the ring and uses the barricade to get up. Beast exits the ring but then Shazam fights back with everything he has left. But his knee takes him down. Beast picks up Shazam and rams him into the steel steps. Beast pulls out a crow bar then stabs it to the head of Shazam several times. Beast throws in a table into the ring. Then he throws Shazam in the ring. Beast sets up the table and puts Shazam on it. Then Beast climbs the top rope and prepares a moonsault. Then BAM! Beast only hits the table. Shazam gets off the table in time. Shazam uses the turnbuckle to get up. The ref counts. 1…..2…..3…..4….5…..6….7…8…NO! Beast gets up and clotheslines Shazam out of the ring. Shazam kicks Beast then with all his strength irish whips Beast into the security barrier! The barrier breaks and the crowd is hit. The ref counts but Beast gets up on 6. Shazam clears the announce table. As he was doing that Bradshaw bad mouths Shazam, so Shazam throws the monitor at him.Beast hits Shazam in the back with a chair! Shazam is knocked on the table. Beast hits Shazam with another s
steel chair shot. Then Beast climbs the turnbuckle backwards. Then BAMMMMM!!! A moonsault off of the turnbuckle onto Shazam breaking the table!! The ref counts! 1….2….3…4…5…6…7..8… 9….NO! Both men get up but fall back down. Beast slowly gets up and Shazam runs at him and throws him in the ring. Shazam throws in a trash can a ladder and another table! Shazam slides in the ring but Beast attacks him again w/several punches and kicks. Beast sets up the table and the ladder. Then out of nowhere Shazam hits the SMA! Shazam gets momentum and bangs his fists and waits for the Climax! Shazam locks in the climax but Beast slips out and hits a superkick! It knocks Shazam onto the table. Beast puts the trash can on Shazam’s head. Beast climbs the ladder then he stands on the top of the 25 ft ladder. MOONSAULT!!! “OH MY GOD!” A moonsault off the ladder onto Shazam breaking the table! The ref counts 1…..2…..3….4….5…6….7….8…… GETS UP! 10!!!
Winner: MA Beast in 23:22
EWA: What was the best match of the night?

Non-EWA sorry for all of this
what do u think about their future?

Betty answers:

Promo: So correct me if i’m wrong Amazing Adam beat me by a school boy mmmmm i knew Amazing Adam is to scare to finisher me but to tell you the truth i’m not really mad you see is not fair a wrestler just debut few weeks ago then he won a world title Adam just got lucky tonight i know this isn’t the last time we face in that ring but after halloween havoc whoever is the EWA World Champion better watch his back cause if i became the number 1 contender by that time i sure no one would try to cheat The Extreme Era didn’t came tonight but believe me sooner or later everyone in the locker room will meet hell.

(promo is kayfabe i didn’t mean to anyone)

to tell you the truth MA Beast vs Shazam McAmazing

Mary asks…

How can I coax a 7-year old boy into not taking a school bag that’s too big for him?

My brother is stubborn enough not to listen to me that he’s taking a school bag to big for his body size. His back is not even strong enough and he’s always not sitting nor standing straight. Any advice on making him to sit/stand straight as well as to coax him into taking a trolley bag instead?

Betty answers:

Aww, its oober cute that you care for your brother! But as a caring sister who has a stubborn little brother too, i can tell you that the coaxing will not work. You should let him take the bag and he will realize its harder to maintain. So when you hear him complain about it, you should then tell him again to use a different bag and describe to him how much easier it will be to use it. <3 good luck!

Robert asks…

Where can i get book bags for school?

School is coming up soon. I want to find a bag or a book bag not too girly, and not looking like in trying to copy boys. I like Jansport bags too. I have had there back packs for a while and I seem not to find one for this year.:-( that is a link to one I might get. But i want to see more styles of them. Please HELP!

Betty answers:


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