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Paul asks…

I need help with ideas for back-to-school fashion?

Ok this is what i need. I love fashion but i need new ideas of what to wear for the fist day of school. I hate skrits and booty shorts. I like long shorts. I want to dress to impress. and i need to make a stament.

now i also need a cute messenger bag. i love bags with bright staments and colors.

can you help me i need pictures if you have them. thanks for helping

Betty answers:

u will look hot in this and ad some green ballet flats and it will be complete the person below his a freak don’t listen to him the mall is way better than the freakin library

Michael asks…

back to school fashion question!?

ok i am 13 and im going into the 8th grade and im thinking about using a school bag… and i had a couple questions!
1.) wut do u think about me using a school bag?
2.) do u use a school bag?
3.) wut do u think aobut htis bag?

4.) does anyone have this bag? if so wut do u think of it?
5.) do u think it would make a good school bag?
6.) wat are the measurements on this bag?

so plz b specific and if there are already a couple answers answer anyways cuz i need as many opinions as possible!


Betty answers:

1. School bags are great! They can hold all your books and supplies so I think its a must have
2. Yes I do. I would not be able to hold my stuff without it.
3. I think its cute… But I’m not that big on the fringes.. But I like the tan on more than the grey one.
4. I have never seen anyone with this bag
5. It depends on how much stuff you have. But it seems big enough
6. The measurements are 14″h x 14.75″w x 5″d.

Joseph asks…

What is the fashion trend for back to school 2010 and what stores should i shop at? How to dress in style with?

Details: my school we have to wear uniforms. its a red or gray polo t-shirt and jeans. [no shirts underneath, also no shorts, capris etc.] So i’d like to stay tuned with fashion. Also I’m not rich so something affordable would be nice!
: i’d like something like watches, earrings [small not huge exaggerated ones!] also bracelets, bags or bag-packs. shoes! jeans shirts jackets anything that would add up to look nice and in style!

Betty answers:

That’s a good site:
I’ve bought some from that. The Things that you need are current fashions at affordable prices.Good luck!

Sharon asks…

back to school fashion please answeer?

ok so i already picked out some stuff that i want to get for school im going into the seventh grade and we have to wear a colared shirt and our pants have to be bremuda or capri lenght (or something like that) and our skirts/ dresses have to be mid knee so here is what i picked out please tell me if this is too much and what i need to get rid off or what i need to add thanks

ballet flats
bball shoes ( i play bbal in like october)
sperry topsiders
chucks ( converse with no laces)

colared shirts
jewlery (earings necklaces braclets and stuff)
jansport black back pack
vs sholder bag
how should i do my makeup?
ps im a girl

Betty answers:

For shoes consider adding some slouchy ankle boots ( I love mine ).

See if you can wear cardigans or sweaters over your shirt.

Jeans and capris sound good. Get some leggings too cause then you can wear shorts with leggings underneath without violating anything.

Everything else sounds good to me.

Oh I’d say the Jansport over the shoulder bag because of your shoulders will start hurting.

For make up, I usually just put a little black eyeliner on so I guess I can’t really help you with that.

Mandy asks…

Fashion BACK-TO-SCHOOL help. thanks.?

I went back to school shopping already and spent $630–I figured I’d tell so you know I have a big variety. I just need some inspiration and a couple of outfits. Ok, so I went to Hollister and I got lots of jeans in different styles like flare, boot, skinny, and crop. And I have Abercrombie crop jeans too and lots of ripped distressed jeans from Cello etc. And i have some Juicy jewerly (2 charm bracelets one in gold and one in silver and a necklace that says LET THEM EAT COUTURE). And i bought a lot of colorful knits and tanks from hco and forever 21, and i have some walmart lace tanks. And i have lots of skirts and tons of betsey johnson belts with bows. So can you fashionistas give me some fashion ideas? And i have 6 cardigans too in white and one in stripes. My style is glamour prep/teen vogue. and i also have a couple of tommy hilfiger plaid bags too. Just give me some ideas. and im 13 and i have medium length brown curly with golden highlights and medium tan complexion and im short and 86 pounds. thanks.

Betty answers:

Talk about waste of money? LOL You didn’t get any floral, animal prints or interesting stuff? Well I’ll help you anyway

For prep look you can take a plaid tommy hilfiger purse and pair some crisp dark jeans with them (any cut but preferrably straight) Now where a cardigan with it in navy, and then you can pair an oxford shirt under it and put the collar over the cardigan, you can add some flats and juicy charm bracelet. If you don’t like flats you can wear some tom’s.

For colorful knits just wear those with the jeans.
For high waisted skirts I would wear tuck in a bright tank and throw a grey cardigan over, make sure the cardigan rises above the skirt.

For the betsey johnson belts with bows you can put that over dresses to cinch at your waste, or take the colorful or plain knit tops and cinch those and wear them over jeans.

For the ripped jeans it matches pretty much everything. Its honestly not hard to match jeans lol. I wish I knew if you had more in your outfit cause you could wear floral tops over some ripped jeans to clash the looks and some metallic flats or you could wear
some moccasin boots with jeans tucked in.

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