Your Questions About Back To School Bags And Totes

Ruth asks…

looking for back to school bags/totes/and purses?

where sould i try and also if you see any online can you add links
thaanks :]

Betty answers:

Target!!!they always have bags/purses big enough to hold your books and everything, and they are so cheap!!!i got a great messenger bag there for 6.48!!!

Paul asks…

back to school totes? bags?

okay so im going back to school monday and i dont really use backpacks anymore idk i just dont really like them and i want a cute tote that i can carry all my books and binders in but i need you to help me find one please post the link thanks in advance!!

Betty answers:


Mandy asks…

Cute back to school tote bags?

ok so im going into 8th grade and i am looking for a bag for school but i dont know what. can you please give me some links of some cute bags for school thankss 🙂

Betty answers:

Any hollister bags. You can never go wrong with them

John asks…

What is a good back to school tote bag?

I want to get a tote bag for school this year. I am looking for something in stores and between $20-50. This has to fit at least a couple 1in binders,books,pencils,phone or should i get a regular back pack? but i really dont like them… please give me your opinion and any links to the stores w/ totes 🙂 thank you

Betty answers:

I really think backpacks are better than totes. Totes are really cute, but once you actually start putting books in there along with binders and everything else, it’s going to get really heavy and will weigh down the one side of your body that you carry it on. Backpacks have more room for school supplies as well as personal items, and they are better for your back. You can find really cute backpacks for in your price range almost anywhere. I tried carrying a tote my freshman year of high school and I ended up switching by Christmastime because it was so heavy.

If you really want a tote bag though, you can find some really cute designer ones for around your price range at bargain places like Marshall’s, Ross, or TJ Maxx. I’ve also seen some really cute tote bags at Target for around your price range.

Lizzie asks…

Back to school bags?

I’m looking for a back to school tote/shopper bag (the ones that hang off the shoulder, under the arm), whatever you want to call them. I’m looking for something a bit retro – perhaps with lots of colours. But apart from that, I’m quite open, but nothing that makes a statement – apart from something silly like ‘I love biscuits’.
The bag has to be at least 15″x15″ (38x38cm), the bigger, the better..! Unfortunately, I have a lot of school books and my lunch to carry in there and I’d like it to last 1 year with everyday use, so something sturdy would be good. And as I’m being very fussy, thick straps as well that’ll be comfy to carry as I walk 1 mile to school and another mile back almost everyday.
Websites, or shop recommendations (in the UK obviously!) would be good. I’d prefer a UK website, but I don’t mind going abroad too.

And on second thoughts, I’d consider a rucksack as well, but I have a bit of a history with huge rucksacks that stick out miles because of all the stuff I have to carry in it… Any ideas?!

Thank you!
A rucksack’s a backpack 🙂

Betty answers:

What is a rucksack? Is that a backpack or something?

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