Your Questions About Back To School 2011 Deals

John asks…

Back to school MUST haves 2011?

Im going into highschool so im kind of making back to school shopping a bigg deal lol. What are some thing im definetely going to need clothing wise? I dress pretty girly, and I dont wear hollister or any of those kind of brands with the names plastered across them. My parents are giving me $650 for clothes and shoes if that helps

Betty answers:

If you want to go with the trend:
-Fringed shirts
-fringed satchel
-crop tops
-tribal tanktops

Boho style is really in right now. But

for normal people:
-leather jacket
-miss me jeans
-true religion jeans
-leather boots (the vintagy looking one)
-Juicy couture tracksuit
-plaid shirt
-victorias secret hoodie
-denim jacket
-pencil skirt

yeahhh. Thats like whats in my back to school shopping list lol

Mandy asks…

Why am I not covered by health insurance until July 2011?

I am 24 years old, graduated from college 1 year ago, without health insurance. My mom is a teacher and her school told us that I could get back on my family’s insurance in January of 2011, even though the law was in effect since September. Then they pushed back the date again to July 2011, claiming that’s when their fiscal year starts. Is that legal? And if it is, I don’t understand why this loophole exists. What’s the deal here?

Betty answers:

The law became effective in September but it allows the company to allow you back on the policy ONLY during the renewal of the policy. All school policies which I’m aware renew in July.

The mix up probably came from some uninformed people who thought that, since many companies renew in January, that all companies renew in January. In reality only about 30% renew in January. Many people are under the same impression.

Yes, it’s legal. No, there is no loophole.

Daniel asks…

Holiday in Turkey – where can I find the best deals?

Family of 4 (2 adults, children 7 and 8), one week the end of July 2011 (willing to obey school rules this time), hotel and flight prices, traveling in the afternoon there and back. UK – Gatwick to Turkey. A family friendy place, not an all inclusive thing, but maybe a family hotel, where we can visit local attractions and join in with the odd disco and also be able to see traditional/real Turkish life. Thank you

Betty answers:


After a good search around I have found the following have the best deals:

up to £300 off for 2011 summer holidays

Also these guys are very good I have used them a couple of time myself:$ja=tsid:9882|cat:1793872&tduid=0910299dc0caed8ba1de91383471768c

Try them both, I hope they save you some money.

Warm regards


Betty asks…

School subjects: Economics or Government?

Which subject is harder, Econ or Gov? I want to take a class on a harder one over the summer so i can be ready for the real deal when i go back to my senior year in high school in fall 2011..

Betty answers:

Economics is definitely harder, unless you’re fabulous at interpreting graphs. There’s a lot more math, and the concepts are definitely trickier to grasp. If you take it, make sure you have a good teacher. I’ve taken three semesters of economics, and the teachers have made all the difference. Get someone who will explain the concepts in layman’s terms, rather than just regurgitating the book at you every time you ask a question. Good luck!

Richard asks…

Should i finish high school at school? Or stay home and raise my son?

Summer is coming to an end and the first day of school is August 22nd. I will be a junior, but i have enough credits to graduate my junior year, which is what i plan on doing. However, i have a 7 months old baby boy. I had him on 1/2/2011. I stayed out of school until the end of March, then i went back. But while i was out, i did a lot of online classes to keep my caught up and it gave me more credits. I talked to my counciler and he told me he could set up more online classes for me, and i can do the whole year at home but i have to maintain a certain grade. I’m thinking that may be the better end of the deal because i will be able to stay at home and take care of my son and i can pick to do the classes early morning or at night and its for 4 hours a day with a break in between. I could do them at night, while my son sleeps. Also, i don’t allow anyone outside of family to watch my son when i went back to school after i had him, my grandmother watched him, she really enjoyed it but she just recently had a stroke, so I’m not comfortable leaving him over there alone now. My mom is strongly urging me to get out of the house and go back to school, to see friends and just to get a break but i could really careless. She said this ladies daughter at her work could watch my son, but i am NOT okay with that! If you were in my postion, what would you do?

Betty answers:

If i were in your position, i would opt for the online schooling. For a few reasons.

I did online high school, by choice, myself. So i just prefer it to standard schooling. It’s a lot more flexible and easily wraps around other responsibilities such as work (my reasoning) or parenting (your reasoning). You can go at your own pace…which was also a biggie for me. There are no teachers or other students holding you back. I graduated 2 years early.

Another reason i would choose online would be to stay home with my child. He’ll be going through a lot of milestones in the next year and i’d want to be home to witness those and to raise him. If i can do schooling and parent at the same time rather than go to school and miss out on parenting, than i would do them simultaneously.

You can still get out with your friends occasionally. Doing online schooling doesn’t mean you’re locking yourself up. I had an amazing social life throughout my online schooling…better than when i was in standard schooling.

But this is just what i’d do. After i got pregnant, i had the opportunity to switch to a standard college (i had already done 2 years online) but i opted to continue on the path i was on with online college, so i could stay home and parent my son and be there for him. Wouldn’t change that decision for the world.

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