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Robert asks…

Back to school shopping 2011 (Clothes)?

I need some help shopping for back to school items. (Clothes not supplies) Anyway, so…what’s in right now? I’ll be spending quite a bit. From $300-$900 or so. I like to buy things that are in style, but also keep my own originality. I like to wear cute, kiddie stuff, like things that have Elmo, Hello Kitty, and Cookie Monster, etc. And I’m the kind of person who likes dinosaurs, cupcakes, DOMO, colored skinny jeans/red, yellow, orange, black, etc. and Invader Zim. But I also like to have a few shirts that are in style. Should I just stick to the stuff I like and wear stuff related to it, or should I mix in some popular stuff to keep it in style? (If the second one…Any ideas?) Also, I like to wear nerdy glasses and I absolutely LOVE converse shoes (8 pair)! As you can tell, I’m still young and trying to find myself, and my crowd in life.

My details –
Age: 13 (In October I will be anyway)
Height: (Monstrous tall) 5’7
Body type: Very slim, kind-of athletic, and obviously tall.
School grade: (Going to) 7th

Thanks for the help [:

Betty answers:

Sounds like a cute blend– Here’s a variety –this would be cute with leggings and black Converse

Sandra asks…

2011 back to school clothes must haves!!?

Well first off i have 3 new pairs of jeans tht are kinda baggy:( and i like my jeans slim. but i dont have a sewing machine to turn them into the jeans i want what should i do? and what is “in” right now. im not talkin aero, hollister american eagle etc, but flannels and nicee t’s to wear to school with jeans. and shorts. and what shoes should i wear, i like high top shoes, but nikes work too..btw im a guy. I just need some help. the jeans are my big problem school starts in like 2 weeks and i still have those kinda baggy jeans:( HELP! P.s. dont say i should by a new pairs of jeans cuz my mom wont, cuz the kinda baggy jeans were pretty expensive. if not what kind of shoes go with jeans like tht and what can i do to make the baggy jeans look good on me? THANKSS!

Betty answers:

You should keep the baggy jeans and buy at least one slim jean. Sure some flannels are in, and just plain Ts and V necks. Oh and you could wear a nice belt, nothing fancy. Vans and Converse are nice shoes, and would go with the pants. Lot of the clothes from American Eagle and stuff is in, so just check that out! See what your friends are wearing and the other guys in your age. GOOD LUCK 🙂

George asks…

back to school clothing for 2011-2012 school year?

I am going into high school this year and i am about do get back to school clothes but i dont know what type of things to look for and get.. i wear pretty much every type of style

Betty answers:

I quickly noticed that nobody was focused on what I wore my first days of freshman year. They were all too busy reconnecting, looking for classes, and getting over nerves. So I’d wear something comfy cute like an easy Aeropostale zip up and matching sweatpants the first day. But a tip I will give you is to focus more on your face and hair. There are truly a gazillion more good looking guys in high school than middle school honey! You wanna make a relaxed but still appealing first impression. =)

And as for the rest of the week, just shop around for some cute jeans of different styles (maybe destructed one day, purple the next, then acid wash) and pair with a graphic T (or Crop Top! Those are in major right now.). But remain comfortable. On fridays I always wear a dress. It keeps the fellas waiting for Monday. 😉

Starting the second week of school, I’d start to focus on personality pieces (clothing items that are you as opposed to just fashion foward).

Good luck. And freshman year for me was a blast so I’m sure you’ll have fun no matter what you wear.

Michael asks…

Where to shop for back to school clothes?

What are some trendy stores to shop at that aren’t crazy expensive. What’s in for the 2010-2011 school year? Keep in mind i live in Fl so it’s HOT.

Betty answers:

I am not sure what part of florida do you leave but try searching for a store named fame really stylish clothes and also cheap you can find shirts for like 10 to 20 and really nice shirts jeans for $20 also plain tees or with funny disigns for $10 good store also keep im mind there stuff icames from LA so is very different
and i am positive there is one where u live !

Susan asks…

Basic back to schook clothes 2011?

I know it’s probably a little early but I want to get started because places like aeropostale hollister, a&e, rue 21, and jcp, ETC. have sells going on. So, what I need is a checklist of basic back to school clothes. Including accesories. And if you can, put the name of the store beside of the item so i know where the best place to get it is.

Betty answers:

In fall at most places, it isn’t typically cold or hot. Its sort of in the middle, cooling off from summer. I think you should find some cardigans/flyaways. They provide a little warmth but arn’t too much. You can put them over tanktops or t-shirts. Buy some skinny (or any type ) or jeans that you like. If you don’t have some capri’s you should get some because they arn’t too warm or cold. It may still be warm enough for you to wear shorts too. Buy a couple hoodies/northface rain jacket, etc. Buy a few long pretty necklaces and some bracelets. Buy any shirts that you see that you like that are mid-sleve-short sleeve. As for shoes, maybe some sandles if its still warm,and some flats. You can get all of these at forever 21, nordstrom, etc (those are my favorite places) hope i helped!

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