Your Questions About Apple Back To School 2011

Joseph asks…

I think somebody has got my friend into bad habits – HELP!?

I am in my last year of high school and so is a friend of mine. We have been friends ever since the beginning of primary school.
Anyway, it was just over a year ago, I found out he was gay, by checking on his Yahoo Answers account, it was me who got him into Y/A about 10 months before.

Anyway, May 2011, a new boy came into school, he seemed nice and was quite open and proud to admit he was gay and i quickly became friends with him.
But it would be times he would be in a bad mood, and start sending me very depressing messages like he might overdose, drink a load of booze, cry himself to sleep and all this.

But me and him fell out.

Not long after, a friend came up to me, and we got talking about the first friend who i have known most my life, and he goes “He used to smoke didn’t he?” But i tried speaking to this friend who he was talking about but wouldn’t talk to me about it.
Then he blocked me on Yahoo so i knew something wasn’t right, then I asked if he would unblock me a few months later, and he eventually said “Okay, but only if you don’t tell anybody or even speak to me about it!”

I checked his questions, there was nothing private there, until i looked at a question, where somebody was talking about self harm, and my friend answered that he self harmed too and tried overdosing at one point. This was quite shcking for me.
Then this other lad starts sending more depressing messages saying he nows smokes and smoked a whole pack, and downed a whole bottle of wine, only because i threw an apple back at a friend and it landed in this guys sandwich.
But this guy won’t leave me alone, he is constantly asking me for things that i do not want clearly because im straight.

Then today, my friend just brought up something about smoking, and i thought he was joking then i could tell he wasn’t.
He was more open this time though, he said he only smokes one a day when he gets home from school, then walking from P.E he got his lighter out, lit it and put it out randomly.
But also, he was running late, not sure but he asked me to go back to the changing rooms with him after P.E just so he had a friend with him, and he was in a rush and didn’t know what to get changed into, the changing rooms are all open so he took his stuff into the toilet and changed his trousers there, like he didn’t want me to see something. Possibly scars.

But he was never like this until this other lad came into school, so it makes me wonder if it is him who has got him into bad habits.
But its strange, we went to after school revision, he goes from talking to me, to going to the other side of the room, sit with him and talk to him. Just thinking of what he is doing to my friends head is just making me feel sick, and i am litterally the only one in school who can see what he is doing to everybody else!

But what can i do?
@Ilyaas – I am understanding, but not when somebody is causing loads of trouble and getting him into all this!!

Betty answers:

Do some investigation don’t jump to conclusions and keep your cover make sure they both think your there friend and don’t say anything suspicious and lay low if after a couple of weeks you havnt found anything out bring it up casually with your friend u new for ages and make it look like your concerned not like your being nosey dOnt pressure him or ask loads try and get him to admit it if he refuses to talk have a break from them but don’t be unfriendly and see if they sort themselves out hope this helps

David asks…

What should I get for Christmas 2011?

I’m will be 13 by the time it’s Christmas (I can’t wait to be 13)! I am allowed to get anything without hesitation since I met this guy who wants to be my god father, he is very sweet and kind. He offered to buy anything I’d like (he’s rich). Here me out, I’m not spoiled. Also my mom is unemployed at the moment and my parents are divorced. I’m a honor student.

I’m like half tomboy and girly.

I love playing soccer, but it’s more fun with my friends at my old school (I can’t see them, they live in Vietnam).

I’m into electronics but I stopped playing video games this year so I’m not totally off it.

I am getting an iPod Touch 4G.

I own a T90 soccer ball already (cool rite?).

I’m thinking to stop by Aeropostale, mayb game stop, Claires, The Apple Store, Justice, I hesitate to go in to Hollister and abercrombie because I feel like I don’t fit in so any suggestions to get in those stores?

Also I want to get a pair of converse but I’m not sure where because the last time I bought a pair of converse was over a year ago and at journeys kidz which isn’t near my local mall.

I’m going to stop at barnes and noble to buy books n’ cd’s since I don’t see the fye stores anymore )):.

I’m not into make-up much but I would like to get eyeliner but where? and what brand?.

I do not carry pursues around.

I would want to get a back pack because my old one is getting holes and suggestions.

Even though I don’t really want games I know I’m getting skyward sword!

Oh! What can I get at sports authority?

Any suggestions sorry it’s soo long!

Betty answers:

-mac or sephora eyeliner
-soccer bag
-nook or kindle
-hair accessories
-fuzzy socks
-north face
-itunes giftcards
-nice backpacks (they have good ones at REI)

and many more! And what do you mean don’t fit? Stores are meant for everyday people doing everyday shopping. People who are fat or thin, tall and short, tomboys and girly girls, who cares? As long as you like their clothes, i’m pretty sure they won’t give a crap if you ‘fit in’ or not

merry christmas!

Sandra asks…

My friend had a dream last November 21, 2011, please help?

I am in a boarding house/ rent home, with several doors lined up in a corridor. (Two doors on the sides, one on each end. Total of six doors in the corridor.) One room seems to be my grandmother’s room, with a bunk bed similar in design to one I had as a kid. There are clothes and toiletries on the bed. I went in to use the bathroom to change clothes, but my grandmother is inside. I decide to change clothes outside the bathroom, and my grandmother tries to open the bathroom door to get to her room. I knock once to let her know I’m changing.
I remember seeing Arlo and Jaime, male friends from a previous job I had. I saw them recently, and we also keep contact a lot. My sister was also present, if I remember correctly she was staying in my grandmother’s room to sleep on one of the bunk beds.
I was getting ready because we were supposed to go out on a family outing. However, we get kidnapped as soon as we enter our mode of transportation, an L300. I think we hired people to drive us there. As we approached the barangay (subdivision) gates, I managed to bust out of the back window of the vehicle. I quickly escape and find a news correspondent out on the street, [covering a parade].
They help me, and the L300 is stopped, and my family escapes. (Notably, none of the males in my family are in this dream, I only remember people supposedly my family, but I do not know them in real life.) Only my grandmother and my sister are the only ones I recognize who are in the L300. My mother was not kidnapped though, she was left behind at the boarding house.
I get interviewed on television for details on the incident, and my mother meets the kidnappers. They are familiar people, [either they were from school service or the landlords in that dream]. They claim to have “Stacy” in custody, and they show us a Mexican-themed video of a kidnapper [in costume, ala “Three Amigos”] dancing tango, with a rose in his mouth. His face is unclear though, I couldn’t make it out. “Stacy” is not shown in the video. (Curiously, Stacy is supposed to be my older sister, but I only know I few Stacys in real life, and none of them have a close relationship with me.)
I get worried for her, but my mother stayed calm. We call some of the members of our church to confirm where she is. I call one of my close friends, Ate Apple (who I consider to be an older sister figure to me in real life,) and she confirms she is safe. In the end, we ignore the kidnappers.
(It gets fuzzy afterwards, just a few images of a house which reminds me of our home 6 years ago. There is a sense of nostalgia as these images flash, but they do not have logic connected to the dream.)

Betty answers:

I am assuming the dreamer is female. She is changing her clothes in the dream, because something is changing in her waking life, probably something to do with the influence of grandmother. What is grandmother like, and how did she relate to society compared to how your friend now relates to society. What is changing?

I ask that because the family outing that happens right after, is setting the stage to say “this is about the influence of family”. For it to turn into a kidnapping would tend to indicate that some influence (the kidnappers) are hijacking the values, roles or expectations that were instilled with family upbringing.

Only women were kidnapped: this would tend to say that the thing that is hijacked has something to do with women’s roles as they were instilled in your friend’s family.

I think that the hijacking itself is the change. It is painted as a scary hijacking, because it is scary to change – the old familiar is always more comfortable.

I also suspect that the change may not actually be so bad. Yes, hijackers are bad, but the rose in the mouth, dancing the tango – this does not sound to me like ruthless kidnappers prepared to kill for ransom. Instead, it has a hint of friendship and romance. The unconscious paints what a scenario feels like (terrorizing), but it also often gives a hint (amigos, rose, tango) about whether the underlying thing is really something to be afraid of.

Your friend escaped the kidnapping (the change), but they still have that part that was called Stacy. I think some kind of compromise was struck within your friend, letting a Stacy part be subject to the change, but not the rest of your friend.

I can just see a “to be continued … ” rolling with the credits. What really happens to Stacy? Stay tuned for the next episode.

So much more to discuss. But ask your friend to imagine this continuation of the dream:

Stacy calls your friend up and says “Hey, these hijackers are not bad, they are great fun, and hilarious. They taught me how to tango, and nothing bad has happened – come join the party”. Would would your friend do, would she believe Stacy, or mistrust? Ask her to believe her, as scary as that sounds, I think that would be positive.

Steven asks…

Shattered Verizon iPhone 4 screen?

I bought my iPhone 4 from Verizon over summer 2011. While in store I purchased AppleCare as well. I had no knowledge whatsoever of AppleCare+ and it was not in store or offered. I have been keeping my phone in perfect condition since and am always very careful with it. About a week ago the phone was thrown (NOT BY ME) and the screen shattered and it affected the flash as well. I was at first told I would cost $49 to replace the phone, but then was told it would come out to $200. I am literally drowning right now. I go to school twelve hours a day and had no money whatsoever. The money I do end up with goes to fixing my car. I was planning on selling my phone for extra cash util it shattered. Is there any way I could possibly have it fixed without it costing $200+? I normally wouldn’t do this, but I am considering replacing the screen myself and bringing it back to apple saying something inside broke. What can I do? ):
I need to get the whole thing replaced though. The screen sensitivity is off and the flash isn’t working right. It was in perfect shape before this. And part of the face is missing exposing the button underneath

Betty answers:

Tough break.

You can fix the screen yourself, but it will void the warranty. The fix will cost around $125. Screen breakage by throwing is not covered by any warranty, you would have to pay regardless, unless you bought Verizon’s insurance. Apple can tell if the phone was opened.

Apple care comes from apple, not Verizon, so there is no reason for Verizon to even mention is since they don;t make any money. You may have missed the several emails from apple about apple care after you registered the phone.

Even if you did sell the phone, you would still be liable for the rest of the contract and the person who bought the phone couldn’t use it until you either bought a new phone or finished the contract.

Chris asks…

OMG hes gone 4ever help ive never felt so much pain please?

ok, so lets start waaay back in auguest 2011:i was a freshman, he was a senior. at first, i didnt rele notice him. then, a couple of days later, i kinda thought he was cute but didnt do anything about it. then i saw him at the mall with a skateboard, and i got scared and my heart started beating rele fast but i kept mah cool amd just ignored him. then that whole rest of the day i kept thinking about him. idk why. then the next day in spanish class (the only class i had with him) i just stared into his eyes and he kept staring his eyes when he entered the room then walked away. then the next day i said buenos dias. he looked at me kinda awkwardly (couldnt rele tell cuz he was wearing sunglasses) and said good then he walked to his desk. that whole period i kept looking at him he kept looking back then turned away. then, the next day, i kept staring at him and then he made weird tounge faces at me and i kinda blew a kiss (dont remember) and then this one girl in my class was making a heart with her hands to him and pointing it towards me then the class started laughing. the next day, he was messing aeound with his phone and i came up to him and asked if it was the ipod. he said no it was just his cell phone and showed it 2 me. then he pulled out his ipod and said that it was his ipode, then we started talking about apple and i said that i had the ipod and ipad and he was impressed. then i asked him how old he was and said he was a 17 yr old senior, and at that point is where the trouble begins. u c, I was scared cuz i was only a 14 yr old freshmeat and i knew that at my school, if a senior and freshman got togetehr, bad rumors wpould spread around. so that day, when my teacher asked me in spanish how old i was, i lied and said 15. then everyone got all shocked and he (my crush) looked very surprised. but i ignored them. then, the next day i was upset (it was problems with my ex to) and didnt talk much in class and didnt even bother looking at him even tho he kept staring at me the whole period. about a couple of weeks later, i copuldnt take it no more so i asked him out to homecoming. i wrote him a 3-letter page and I lied to him that I was 15 and a junior. ugh! he rejected me! but he was nice about it. And he believed me…he said that he likes me as a freind and everything, and hes very sorry but he coulnt be my bf cuz he was talking to this one girl about 1/2 hr away. then he asked for a hhug i gave him one then i kised him on the cheek. then on fb that day he said that he felt like a d!ck and told everyone what happened and kept saying he felt so bad about it and he thought he made me cry. i never rele spoke to him again after that and started seeing this one guy (i love him) and he and i rele do have a close connection lol. anyway, back to focus, ever sincei got with my bf, my crush has been acting rele weird. like, when i mentioned my bf in class and said i love him my crush started laughing. then not too long after he (my crush) and his best friend (who happens to b a girl) were talking in class, and i heard his best friend mention my name atleast 5 times. the next thing i knew, my teacher was yelling at both of them for gossipping, and they were claiming that they were not gossipping. Then, when me and my bf broke up and I got a rebound guy, I was just talking about the rebound guy and I noticed him (my crush) staring at me weirdly then over the weekend he got into a relationship with that one chick 1/2 hr away. And theyve been together since. I didn’t care tho. Eventually, the rebound guy nd I broke up and I managed to get my tru bf back and we’ve been together ever since. Then not too long after he and I got back together I c my crush laying on some grass with this one girl who likes him (they’re rele close) I just happened to b there with my bud and then he was suddenly sitting up and so was his bud and they were staring at e I ignored it tho. Then the next semester came and he’s now in my bio and Spanish class. I ignored him tho. However he does talk a lot in class. And I tell him pretty much everyday go shut up. One day in bio he was being so annoying send I yelled at him to b quiet and everyone stared at me like I was crazy. But he listened to me. Then one day I shoved him and said move over. He didnt do snything about it. Then another time I flipped him off in Spanish .he still didn’t do anything. I never rele meant to…I guess I was just s ared of losing him and seeing him graduate. Then on my birthday i brought cupcakes and he was saying how much he wanted to punch me in the face. Now lately he’s been flirting with this one chick in my bio class (even tho he has a gf ) but I didn’t care. I just contined to be rele rude to him and disrespecting him in class out loud. (I said he would never graduate, that he was dumb, that he’s annoying, etc) then i kinda took my anger out on people lately and saying they w ere unprofessional and dumb and he started saying

Betty answers:

.Hey that’s way too much writing about a guy who doesn’t want you and all you can do by way of retaliation is be mean to him.Isn’t that really a bit immature.He doesn’t like you.So just forget it and get a life

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