Returning To School After Flu

Richard asks…

What are the symptoms of swine flu, from beginning to end?

I would like to hear from people that have actually had the swine flu. I would like to know how the symptoms started, the progression of the symptoms, and what symptoms may have appeared at the end. If possible, please be very detailed. Thanks!

Betty answers:

I’m 3rd in my family to have the Swine Flu since July. I am 44/female/otherwise healthy – here are the details.

In July my daughter, 2 ½ years old, was diagnosed with the H1N1 (Type A flu). Her first symptom was fever and then congestion. The doc prescribed Tamiflu. She had no side effects from the medication. At about 48 hours her fever spiked to 106.7 in the middle of the night. Ice cold compresses and a quick dose of Motrin broke her fever. Within 10 minutes her temp was at 104 and quickly thereafter down to 101. Her fever continued for a couple of days, she coughed a lot, barfed once, but was pretty much like any other illness except for the high fever.

Last Friday my son, 4 years old, was diagnosed with the H1N1. His started with a low fever Thursday evening and was up to 103 Friday morning so I took him to doc. He had a ‘wet cough’ and a high fever of 105.7. Alternating Motrin and Tylenol kept his fever below 101. He has been fever free since early Sunday morning and will return to school in a couple of days. (oh, and he barfed once and had no side effects from the Tamiflu)

Last Saturday I woke up with a headache – feeling hungover. By Saturday night I was congested and had fever of 99.9. Sunday I was more congested, had a wet cough and fever was up to 101. This morning I saw my doc, and tested positive for Type A /H1N1 flu and was prescribed Tamiflu. Tonight I am totally congested, coughing, fever is hovering around 100. I’ve had 2 doses of the Tamiflu with no side effects.

My biggest concern right now is that secondary infection of pneumonia since that what seems to be causing the deaths. My doc wants to see me next week if I have any cough or symptoms remaining so that he can do a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia. (same with my son)

My best advice to everyone is to get to the doctor if have any symptoms of illness – take the Tamiflu if it’s prescribed to you (none of us have had any side effects) – and follow up with your doctor after the Tamiflu if you have any congestion remaining so that they can treat you for pneumonia if necessary. Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor. Early treatment is essential.

Donald asks…

Is it safe to return to school after the flu?

I’ve been sick with the flu for 3 days and today and pretty much my recovery day. I am able to move around without getting nausea or dizziness, however, i still have a sore throat, aches and pains in muscles and joints, a little stomach pain, and for some reason my throat feels swollen like right under my tongue and further down. I am to do work and stuff but I’m a little unsure about going to school tomorrow, I feel like I may be still contagious.

Betty answers:

Its very doubtful that you are still contagious, but you are most certainly tired and weak after being so sick for several days. You should actually give yourself one more day of just rest before you try to go back if you can. You will probably be glad you did as you probably get tired very fast for a week or so.

Linda asks…

How to get courage to return to school after a long absence?

Hi, I’ve had the flu and an ear infection and I’ve been out of school since Thursday. Today is Tuesday. I have excuses for all the days but I’m afraid someone is always going to judge me or be mean to me. I have really low self esteem and have been bullied. Do you have any advice? Thanks so much

Betty answers:

Don’t get yourself worked up. There’s a chance people may not even say anything.

Carol asks…

Is it normal to feel really tired after getting over a stomach flu?

For the past 6 days I had a terrible stomach virus. It was making my body ache and my head felt terrible, plus the other side effects of having a stomach flu. Yesterday I started feeling a lot better but I was still having diharea. This morning I woke up and I felt extremely tired. I don’t feel like I have the virus anymore but I just used the bathroom and I am still having diharea, so maybe its still kind of lingering. I’m just wondering if it’s normal for me to be feeling this tired.

Oh and I know I’m not dehydrated because I already went to the doctors and she said if I let that happen then this would get 10 times worse, so I’ve been drinking lots of Gatorade and water.

Betty answers:

If you have still got diarrhoea, then you still have the virus. You shouldn’t return to work/school until you have been free for 48 hours as you will still be infectious. Of course you will feel washed out and tired, you have been ill, what do you expect?

Lisa asks…

How long should I wait till going back to school after the flu?

I had a 101.6 fever Monday , and my doctor said the earliest i could go back is thursday ( tomorrow) but she said not to expect to be back till next week. I haven’t ran fever since Monday, but I’m feeling .. Weird I can’t explain it . I’m cramping up ( shin splints, back cramps , etc) and still coughing and sniffing a lot , so what should I do about going to school

Betty answers:

Once you stop running a fever for over 24 hours, you’re considered non infectious, but you need to wait until you feel we’re enough to go to school. And, you don’t sound like you feel well enough to go back to school just yet. What you need to be doing is resting, drinking fluids, eating as well as you can tolerate without feeling ill afterwards, and taking medication for your aches, and pains. I would listen to what your Doctor said, and wait until Monday to return to school, that way you should feel fit, and ready to get back to your normal activities. You could have someone bring schoolwork home to you if you want. I hope you get well real soon! Good luck, and God’s blessings!

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