SoftMoves Adhesive Gel Pads – Heel Pads

The new SoftMovesTM Adhesive Gel Pads, the first self-adhering shock-absorbing gel pads that can be worn with or without shoes.
Summer has always presented a time to liberate your feet with open-toe shoes, sandals or even going barefoot. But for many, the resulting blisters can be a high price to pay for that freedom. According to the Foot Health Foundation, almost 20 percent of the U.S. population has more than one foot problem each year. Summer should be carefree, relaxing and fun — the last thing you want to think about is heel pain and blisters. Using the latest break-through technology, fixi-gel, the SoftMovesTM Adhesive Gel Pad puts the ease back into summer. The SoftMovesTM Adhesive Gel Pad actually sticks directly to your foot or shoe without messy, one-use adhesives -- providing a soft, pliable cushion for blisters or a shock-absorbing pillow for hard-working feet. SoftMovesTM Adhesive Gel Pads are transparent so they can be worn undetectably with any style of shoe sandals,

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PediFix Heel Hugs

Heel Hugsâ„¢ prevent shoes from rubbing against and slipping off of heels, which can cause blisters or snag hosiery. These soft foam cushions also absorb shock to soothe and protect sore heels. Self-adhesive backings allow easy positioning in shoes. Scissor-trimmable.

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Heavenly Heelz Blk/Slvr/Btrcup Triple-Pack – Foot Petals #BHHF6030

This Heavenly Heelz Back-of-Heel Cushions 1-Butter 1-Black 1-Silver Pairs – Foot Petals #BHHF6030 helps keep your heels from slipping in and out of shoes! Plus they are a multi-functional cushion that not only helps prevent blisters on your heels, but can also be used at the inside top of a mule, boot or slide to ease friction or help with sizing. Try them with your hosiery to stop runs and prevent slipping and sliding. Get three pairs in the value pack!Foot Petals were created for those of you that have a love-hate relationship with your shoes. They provide virtually invisible cushions that make your shoes more comfortable and stop annoying painful issues. They are made of Poron performance urethane, a non-latex, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly material. Poron is a breathable, open cell material which allows air to escape, keeping your feet cool and dry.Foot Petal are three times lighter and thinner than gel and come with a lifetime guarantee. Plus they are fun and fashionable, comin

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Disney Princess Activity Kit

Wow! 250 feet of printed activities will provide hours of activity fun! The center of the pre-printed paper roll includes a compartment to hold, markers, plastic safety scissors and stickers. The printed line art activity content includes: finish the scene, sticker activity pages, big banners, word puzzles, color and cut activities and more!

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My Little Pony 16 Inch Backpack – Aqua with Kite Scene

Fans of the ponies will love wearing this My Little Pony Backpack to school. It has adjustable, padded shoulder straps for a comfy, custom fit. The zippered main compartment is perfect for books and paper, while the zippered front pocket is just right for smaller supplies.

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